Dekoni Premium Pads: Audiophile Models

Dekoni Premium Pads: Audiophile Models

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Product Description
Get a different finish on your headphones when you upgrade to Dekoni Audio’s highly regarded line of audiophile earpads, available in five variants that mold the sound and comfort to your ears. They come in Elite Velour, Elite Hybrid, Protein Leather, Elite Sheepskin, and Fenestrated Sheepskin, each with their own set of sonic and comfort properties Read More

Back in 2019 I got the got the Dekoni Elite Velour Ear Pads for my Audeze LCD2, they are longer then the official pads and make the headband bend to an unnatural angle but I figured I am sure its fine, and can just turn the volume up to make up for how much bigger the pads are. They seemed to muffle the sound a bit. Fastforward to last week and I decided to check out the new revision official Audeze pads that released in 2021. I put them on and omg night and day different. They are thinner so the headband doesn't bend at such an awful angle but most important the sound quality. Its like two completely different headphones. The Dekoni Elite Velour Pads basically destroy the sound quality of the LCD2. It is NOT a subtle difference at all. You are doing yourself a huge disservice by putting cheap earpads from Dekoni on such an expensive headphone.
Jan 13, 2021
How do you clean the hybrid pads? Dekoni sells cleaning kits but those are not for velour or leather. I read anywhere between just wiping with wet towel to submerging in soapy water. Interested in hearing people's actual experiences.
May 30, 2020
I have a pair of Beyerdynamic T1 Mk1s and wanted more comfortable pads so I ordered the Elite sheepskin ones. They are incredibly comfortable but completely ruin the sound. The bass is boomy and its as though a wet blanket has been thrown over the music. I will be returning them and will try the fenestrated version which seems to match the response of the stock pads.
Nov 25, 2019
Do they fit Beyerdynamic T70? Thanks for your response!
Nov 25, 2019
Shown is the HD 6XX in the product photos, but it isn't among the choices for purchase. The HD 6XX have oval-shaped ear pads and these are circular and obviously won't fit the Senns. Why would Drop try to trick their customers into buying something that won't work with their product? I've been looking for a Dekoni HD 6XX ear pad drop for a while, but these ain't it. I'm off to the Dekoni website.
Nov 25, 2019
It's too bad that this drop doesn't include the Choice leather and suede pads. If they were I would be interested. @dekoni
Nov 22, 2019
are these pads the style with the stitched interior or the ones without that fit in the little lip on higher end DT headphones?
Nov 22, 2019
Is it possible to get pads for AT-MSR7 in brown ??
Nov 21, 2019
Why is there none available for the HD6XX?
Drop has their own pads available for HD6xx
same product.
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