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Feb 12, 2017
Thanks for all the feedback. We had recently run into few consecutive celebrations including last evening the Lantern Festival. We sincerely apologise if we have overlooked some of your enquiries.
A few points we wish to share with you ..
1. For email enquiries, we give priority to the customers who have purchased our headphones during the drop. We will try to fulfill all requests including additional cups and cables.
2. We also accept orders from customers not from the drop for E-MU headphones. While the prices are the same, the shipment date will be held back until those who participated in the drop receive their shipment.
It is sometimes difficult as we have to prepare for the next drop. We will normally try to refer you guys to the next drop if we have a confirmed date.
3. For non EMU customers who make enquiries about our headphones cups or cables, we offer you the same prices with very competitive freight charges.
Again, E-MU customers WILL BE given priority with regard to freight duration and the limited stock of headphone cups.
4. With your suggestion, we are planning for a better communication platform to serve you better. We will keep you all posted when it is ready.
Feb 12, 2017
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