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Helm F2 Planar Magnetic Dual-Driver Wired Headphones

Helm F2 Planar Magnetic Dual-Driver Wired Headphones

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Product Description
While it’s becoming common to find planar magnetic drivers nested inside roomie headphones, Helm is pushing the envelope again by bringing these powerful, expressive drivers to the F2 Dual Driver IEM. Each headphone contains that 6-millimeter planar magnetic unit, bolstered with an additional 10-millimeter transducer-style driver for added power—creating truly well-rounded and full-bodied sonic performance Read More

Feb 5, 2024
Headfonics Review of the F2:

PROS Robust, ergonomic earbud design Inline controls CONS Staging lacks depth
Apr 4, 2023
The lack of replaceable cable kills this for me don't want to have to throw out an over 100 dollar set of headphones when the cable breaks 6 months to a year into use
Apr 4, 2023
No replaceable cable, no sale. Already LOTS of competition at this price.
Jan 31, 2023
I would like to buy one without a mic. I don't need it and it only is inconvenient and increases price. If you want add something convenient, what about simple 3.5mm to USB-C adapter? That would not decrease sales like microphone does.
Jan 30, 2023
That cable design looks horrible. Not only does it appear to not be removable/replaceable, but they put the controls so that they'll smack into my jaw? Ideally I'd like the controls integrated into the y-splitter so they're easy to operate with either hand, but not only is this one handed operation only, but it's way up by the ear? Oh well, I wouldn't buy it anyways because the non-detachable cable alone is a no-go for me. >80% of the time stock IEM cables aren't very good and I swap them for better aftermarket ones. But to put the controls in that location? Utter stupidity!
Nov 18, 2023
Try the KZHBB P2 . $35 A Hawaiian Bad Boy collaboration. 😎
Nov 20, 2023
rhurlebausNo. I don't advise supporting KZ and their shady business practices and unethical operation. Also, even Chris (HBB) said NOT to buy his collab because of the shady crap KZ pulled shortly after release. There's are plenty of companies that deserve the audio community's dollars, KZ is not one of them.
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