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iBasso DX50 Digital Audio Player

iBasso DX50 Digital Audio Player

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Product Description
Great imaging, a top notch soundstage that keeps improving every time they release a firmware update, solid bass, midrange and treble are all marks of the DX50. This DAP is superb at instrument separation, so you can listen for your favorite part of the song with impressive clarity Read More

Jun 6, 2015
Best budget DAP in the market!
Jan 16, 2015
Restart the drop, please! I want to buy 2 units.
Jan 15, 2015
Guys I want to buy it. There has alreasy 200 request. Why I cant buy it ?
Jan 15, 2015
Guys why I cant buy it ?
Sep 15, 2014
There is no warranty card in the package. How do I service if it spoils?
Aug 21, 2014
I wished AK100 or 120 to be chosen. Dx50 is good but hope for better
Aug 20, 2014
The DX50 sounds great, and the built-in amp has the juice to power some larger headphones. I mostly use IEMs, but it has no problem driving my K712 and HE-400.
However, there are some annoyances that drive me crazy:
* No gapless playback. iBasso had this mostly-working in firmware 1.2.8, but broke it again in 1.5.0.
* No support for the "Disc Number" tag. If you play a 2-disc album, it plays Disc 1 track 1, Disc 2 track 1, Disc 1 track 2, Disc 2 track 2, etc. The workaround is to break the discs up and give them different names (yuck). Another workaround is to select the album directly from the file system; it plays the files sequentially, so if your files are named sensibly you're good.
* "Browse by artist" sorts by the "Artist" tag, not the "Album Artist" tag. Which means every artist in every compilation gets listed separately. Selecting Artist->Album plays ONLY the tracks with a matching Artist tag. For instance, if the album has some tracks tagged "Artist featuring Other Artist", they will be omitted from the playlist. The workaround if you like to browse by Artist->Album is to browse the folders directly. Or you can re-tag your files (yuck).
I sent 2 emails to iBasso in March asking about tagging/sorting issues, but never received a reply. From scanning the HeadFi threads, it seems these have always been problems and iBasso has always been aware of them. So at this point I don't expect a fix any time soon.
Aug 20, 2014
Wish it shipped to Australia. Seems to be cheaper on Amazon.
Aug 20, 2014
I don`t understand whats up with that "no international shipping" comments by some users?
Quote: "Domestic and international orders will be shipped by Massdrop"
I Joined this drop last time and it should be shipping to EU also! Anyway I got it safe and pretty fast considering overseas transport and customs but even with customs tax I had to pay - I still got it considerably cheaper than anywhere available in EU. I got it with 200$ + 14$ shipping to Estonia.
About player itself - it just amazing and didn`t actually expect so much out of it. NB! To get best sound out of it I really recommend to try it with Sound Unlocked firmware ( ) with following two settings:
1) FLAC-only + irr OFF + CPU performance default --- more depth towards front/middle and vocals for example more out of headstage. More airy soundstage/imaging and more dynamics.
2) FLAC-only + irr ON + CPU 312kHz --- closer, more intimate and clearer imaging with little more separation in width.
I have tired a lot of custom FW`s including Mega Sound Explosion and its different variations and also rockbox and I personally find Sound Unlocked to be the best sounding and easiest to use. And it basically has two different main sound signatures you could fit with different cans or external speakers. This firmware really turns this player to another level!
Also, I lately did some battery playtime tests and got following result with aftermarket battery (KINPS 3250mAh):
* 12min screen ON time * gain @ mid * vol @ 192 * Piston v2.1 16Ohm IEM * Sound Unlocked 1.3.3 FW @ FLAC-only / irr OFF / CPU - default * screen brightness 50
Total non-stop playtime - 14h 28min
Also I find this DAP to be really great match with Fidelio X1 and Piston V2.1 16Ohm IEM. Best sound comes out @ mid gain imo.
About memory cards - I recommend ADATA Premier 64GB mSDXC UHS-I CL10 which works without problems and is pretty cheap for its capacity, about 27€ in my local PC shop. Some users have had problems with SanDisk cards but this seem to be random and can be due to wrong formatting, fake cards or something like that.
This DAP is worth every penny IMHO and get it while You can! ;)
Jul 25, 2014
I just got one of these, it is worth every damn penny.
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