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IKKO High-Ear C Golden Tone IEM

IKKO High-Ear C Golden Tone IEM

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Product Description
The IKKO High-Ear C Golden Tone IEM is an impressively appointed pair of earphones that comes with a full suite of monitoring-grade components at a pleasantly attainable price. Inside each earphone, you’ll find one solid 10-millimeter dynamic driver to bring power and fullness, plus four dedicated balanced-armature drivers that pick up the mids and the highs Read More

Jan 3, 2024
Do you guys ever check the market and the competition before you offer these so-called “deals”? can order these for cheaper and have them here in 12 days!
Jan 5, 2024
They are $10.00 less on aliexpress.
Jan 6, 2024
Bob3600Comparatively best part of buying internationally: they'll likely arrive a month or two before Drop even ships. 😮‍💨 The fact that Drop has remained the entity it is astounds me. Listing descriptions and images ALWAYS have so little info that people are ALWAYS asking more questions, their shipping timeframe tends to be abysmal because they still use bulk orders, and most insultingly: *their pricing never reflects the payoff for that massive wait.* I get that they're a business and blah blah blah, but their main *business model* is entirely reliant on *somehow* getting people to overlook the above problems. It's just...bad? Like, dishonest from a "what's best for the customer" kind of way? They took a way of community purchasing that benefitted all involved and twisted it into something that only benefits themselves by charging retail, charging shipping, and then pocketing the difference in discounts that comes from bulk orders. All the forwarded costs of a brick and mortar store but actively antagonistic against the benefits to the consumer lol. The whole thing is just weird.
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