KeBo Arctos Switches (70, 90, or 110 Pieces)

Try a Crisp Tactile Bump

Named after the Arctos bear native to California, these switches pack a powerful punch. Tactile by nature, they come in two variants: a 65- and 72-gram variety. The Arctos switches deliver a tactile bump that’s bigger and crisper than ergo clear switches. Lubricated with Krytox lube for smooth operation, they feature a rose gold–plated spring for a satisfying feeling. Each switch comes with SMD mounting and Cherry MX–compatible stems.

Note: At checkout, choose the 65-gram or 72-gram tactile switches in quantities of 70 (base price), 90 (+ $12), or 110 pieces (+ $20).

KeBo Arctos Switches (70, 90, or 110 Pieces)
KeBo Arctos Switches (70, 90, or 110 Pieces)
KeBo Arctos Switches (70, 90, or 110 Pieces)
KeBo Arctos Switches (70, 90, or 110 Pieces)
KeBo Arctos Switches (70, 90, or 110 Pieces)

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KeBo 65-Gram Arctos Switches

  • Tactile switch
  • 65 g bottom-out force
  • Blue-gray stem

KeBo 72-Gram Arctos Switches

  • Tactile switch
  • 72 g bottom-out force
  • Navy blue stem


Estimated ship date is July 10, 2019 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. After this product run ends, orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final.

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Alright, so I bought the pack of 110x72g of these because I wanted to replace the switches of a cheap full-size keyboard without lubing all of them myself (spoiler: I had to lube them anyway). First off, the switches themselves came loose in the shipping box, like literally cut open the cardboard box and you see the receipt from Massdrop, a sticker featuring the mascot(?), 2 of those plastic air pouches for padding (they're now deflated because the pins of the switches poked them flat), and the switches all over the place. Kinda concerning provided that I'm paying a fairly premium price for these guys, at least keep them contained in a reasonably sized ziplock bag. So I'm playing with them now, putting it up against my ear and I then hear that nasty spring ping, which I fucking hate, so I need to open them up and lube their springs. Granted, their site doesn't say that the spring is lubed, just the stem at certain locations. They're also fairly scratchy, but it's a tactile switch so I'll cut some slack there (I shouldn't though because they're $0.61USD/switch !!!). I tried lubing the stem with Tribosys 3204 and Krytox 206 in the same manner as shown in "How I Lube MX Switches with Thin Lube" by Taeha Types in an effort to reduce scratchiness and experimented with lubing and not lubing the legs, but they're still just as scratchy lmao, so I just stuck with only lubing the spring to remove ping. As I'm typing this out, I've lubed around 60 switches, and lemme tell you this: there's no quality control at all. 12.5% of them should not have passed quality control at all, they're just duds that are basically scratchy linear switches, and another 12.5% I can't get rid of the spring ping no matter what. A few switches' pins have split into 2 (imagine this), like how does that even happen? The tactility is also not consistent, and I believe that is caused by the inconsistent factory lubing and inconsistent leaves. The only redeeming quality is the "medium" amount of tactility that they have, which only occurs when you wipe off the inconsistent lubing on the legs and when the leaf isn't shit either. More than MX Brown, Pro Purple, Aliaz 70g (which are basically linears to me), but less than Zealios 67g V2, Box Royal, and T1 (all the tactile switches that I have touched). At the end of the day, I'm thinking that I could've bought a $1 ice cream from McD, every day, for the entirety of summer, instead of these shitters, and I live in Canada too, so that's not like 74 days of ice cream, that's like 100 days of ice cream. OK, I've lubed enough switches, and now I've soldered them on. They're basically MX Browns, so scratchy af, but they actually have tactility now. Also they have this stupid tendency to not want to completely reset after you press them, as if something was holding it back. An appalling typing feel, and an absolute waste of money and time. Never again.
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