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Letshuoer S12 Pro In-Ear Earphones

Letshuoer S12 Pro In-Ear Earphones

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Product Description
The Letshueoer S12 Pro is a pair of in-ear monitors that deliver truly top-tier performance for a decidedly reasonable price point. Each earphone houses a custom, 14.8-millimeter planar magnetic driver to provide plenty of bassy punch without muddying the treble—and thanks to 102 decibels of sensitivity, there’s plenty of headroom on tap as well Read More

Oct 26, 2022
is order will be canceled ?
Oct 23, 2022
Dang missed it....
Oct 19, 2022
Created this account just to tell you all - LETSHUOER will not service any S12 Pro sold on DROP. Check out the latest post on Facebook: For DROP, if you want to sell our gear, message us on For everyone else, until an agreement is struck, our statement stands.
an updated post by LETSHUOER says that they will service no matter the retailer, which is the right way to do it IMO. Looks like this ended early though unfortunately since I was waiting as well for a resolution before placing an order from Drop.
Oct 21, 2022
avexYeah. I came back the next day to see if there was a response only to see Drop had ended the sale prematurely.
Oct 19, 2022
I recently tried out the S12 and really enjoyed it, does the pro with it's slight retune and dropping the highs decrease anything in the soundstage and clarity?
Oct 19, 2022
Headfonics review of the S12 "On simpler songs, the texture and resolution are quite impressive for the price, but when the low end comes in, it does weaken the details, pulling the bite on some instruments. What it does not limit is the vocal region, letting it sing confidently in the mix."
Oct 18, 2022
Nice Drop for the Price,very solid.👍 Itgive another version from Z Review‘s collabs with Hifigo who have 2 DB more in the Subbass.If someone is interessted.
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