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Aug 10, 2017
Just received mine and here are my first thoughts: Pros: - Feels well built; - Decent cable; - Good packaging for this price point; - Detailed sound; - Decent bass extension; - Very clear highs.
Cons: - I hear a lot of sibilance; - The IEMs' metal casing has sharp edges that hurt when they touch the skin of my ears; - Ackward shape, they look like they're made to sit with an upward angle (cable up at about 45 degrees) to fit the shape of an human ear, but they always end up cable down due to the weight of the cable. I feel like they need a hook shaped cable so you can wrap it around your ear. For now I just wrap the stock cable around my ears, but it doesn't hold very well.
Bottom line: I really want to like them, but I hope they lose some of their sibilance. I'm hesitant to buy a cable that wraps around the ear as I'm not sure if I will keep them
Aug 10, 2017
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