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Magaosi K5 IEM

Magaosi K5 IEM

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The next tier in Magaosi’s excellent series of IEMs, the K5 features five balanced armature drivers per ear—an impressive number for the price. This IEM has been praised on Head-Fi for its clean, detailed, slightly V-shaped sound signature Read More

Nov 23, 2018
Recently received, sound is pretty good....HOWEVER the cables are a bitch to disconnect/ connect to the ear-pieces. Is there some trick to accomplish this? It feels like there is a strong chance of some major damage occurring in this procedure. What am I missing? Help!
Jan 23, 2019
merddynemrysPut your index and thumb against the shell as you grab the MMCX plug as closed to the base as possible, as you pinch the plug, simply draw your thumb and index finger back as you put pressure against the shell, it should pop right out without feeling as though you are pulling on more than you should.
Nov 13, 2018
Price is the same as 11.11 so nothing special but anyone else who missed out on the sale should jump on this
Nov 9, 2018
I just received mine this afternoon, the fit is definitely amazing! The cable is really nice, the sound overall is great as well, I wouldn't mind if a tad bit more bass presents itself as these 'break in', but overall these look and feel great, I'm very pleased so far.
Oct 12, 2018
I have the predecessor of this IEM which I have found exceptional in comfort and good and sensitive in sound. It is also very reasonably priced. Hence my order for this one!
Aug 11, 2018
Any comparisons between these and the X3s?
Aug 7, 2018
As mentioned, bt is shot. I used it probably 20x, and kept in a bag but now it's half static, and 40 min battery life.
MD covers for 30 days which I'm fine with, but after that there is 0 warranty from Magaosi as confirmed by MD. I would avoid this company like the plague. I couldn't even find and company info within the retail box.
Aug 11, 2018
madcownycIf you paid with a credit card, try doing a chargeback. If your credit card has extended warranty/protection plans for all purchases, even better.
Jul 20, 2018
Has anyone else got problems with the Bluetooth cable? It connects via USB. It charges. It holds 0 charge. So the device works only when plugged into USB. Soon as disconnected it is dead as a dodo. Battery seems to be faulty/discharged - 100% dead.
Apart from that, I'm liking the sound and loving the fit.
Nov 14, 2018
I ended up buying a Knowledge Zenith Aptx MMCX cable for cheapo money from our Chinese overlords. Does the job. As for the Magosi bluetooth cable, as the only issue I had was the battery - it is now constantly plugged in and repurposed as a Aptx receiver for a home stereo. All in all a happy customer.
Nov 16, 2018
P373At least you found a good use for it. I might have to invest in one of the KZ Bluetooth cables also.
Jul 18, 2018
Colors make them look like an iMac from 1998.
Jul 17, 2018
Just an FYI about the bluetooth cable included with these IEM's. I have charged them fully twice and today, after 40 minutes of use, got the low battery warning and then total silence. I then tried charging them with two different cables and two different USB wall plugs and the cable is toast. No lights, no sound, no good. Needless to say, I'm upset with these 5 day old IEM's. They do sound good with the hardwire cable though... Trying to resolve this issue with Massdrop.
Jun 22, 2018
As someone living in Shenzhen and gets regular access to Chifi IEMs, I wanted to give some insight to people still on the fence about these. I blindly bought them early this year as there's literally one vendor on Taobao and the closest place I could find a sample was in Hong Kong. I refunded them in the end as there was just too many things that ticked the wrong boxes for me.
Skip to bottom for tl;dr.
*The good: - There's an obsession with female vocals in Chinese and Japanese HiFI communities and the K5 is very much if not only specifically tuned with this in mind. This is a fairly neutral IEM on the brighter end that emphasizes mids and a bit of lower treble. When you get the right track, these can sound pretty nice.
- The build quality of the IEM units are pretty good, stock tips are comfortable, although after markets like Spinfits are still recommended.
*The neutral: - The stock cable on the V2 from what I read is a significant improvement over the V1's which must've been utterly disgraceful considering how average these are. The pictures make it look better than it is but this is a standard 4 core 4N silver-coated copper cable that simply works. I used it for about 30 mins before swapping in my Beyer Xelento cables. APT-X supported BT cable works and is a convenient inclusion.
- The K5 is slightly bright and ultra sensitive. Avoid brighter and high output impedance sources, driving this out of the Hiby R6 for example, produces a sound that I will politely describe as unpleasant. Use IEMatch if you want to use high OI hardware.
*The bad: - Soundstage of the K5 is weird, in a bad way. The vocals are so forward that the lows, particularly sub-bass sounds like its all the way in the back. This creates an illusion that the soundstage is wider and the separation is better than it really is. It actually sounds decent in vocal focused tracks or tracks with single sounds in a wider array of ranges but play something with multiple sounds in the same freq. range and it starts getting messy. Now, sound is always subjective and you might love it but to me, even with the right tracks the soundstage feels unrealistic.
- Chinese BA drivers. Chinese DDs have come a long way and are fairly reliable. Chinese BAs however, are not. There's a reason even DIY IEM makers on Taobao tend to use Knowles and Sonion. There are exceptions but too many times the extension, precision, speed are just not there. A good example would be the 5BA KZ ZS10. However, the ZS10 is also 5 times cheaper (in China) than the K5.
*The Ugly: - K5 is produced in a Chinese factory and sold under different brands. Internationally, you can more easily find it as the NiceHCK HC5. I could be wrong but given that they come with different accessories and different price points and that HCK and Magaosi don't share other products, I don't believe this is the same company. This and the tuning that fits only a specific music profile tells me very little effort actually went into properly tuning these.
*Tl;DR / Conclusion: - Despite an unrealistic soundstage, paired with the right source and the right tracks, the K5 can sound pretty good. However, the lack of proper tuning and/or driver quality means your listening experience will vary from good to harsh and unpleasant. If this was between $20-$40 like TRN V60 or KZ ZS10, it might be worth as a niche pair but at this price point, TFZ King Pro/Queen or QDC Neptune are the Chifi IEMs you're looking for.
Jul 17, 2018
I'm wearing mine with JVC Spiral Dots... I checked last night and Spinfit CP100s fit, as do 400 series Comply. All of those fit on the loose side - not loose like they are going to fall off, but loose enough so I don't have to struggle to get them on and off.
Jul 17, 2018
ccm220Its funny you say all that. I have some 5 driver Toneking that look identical and have a really weird tuning. I fixed it with the MSEB in the hiby r6 . still dissappointing though.
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