Massdrop x Apogee Takumi AUS-10 Kiritsuke Knife
Massdrop x Apogee Takumi AUS-10 Kiritsuke Knife
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For our second collaboration with Apogee, we upped the ante. The Takumi AUS-10 Kiritsuke knife draws inspiration from traditional Japanese cutlery—though it’s anything but stuck in the past Read More

Apr 30, 2020
This knife isn't full tang. The exact same item you can find on aliexpress for half the price. Without an extra dropshipping brand name sticked on it. Buyer beware
Dec 13, 2019
This Japanese AUS 10 steel knife is truly exceptional. For those who do not know it yet, I also recommend the Toijro or Global knives brand, which are also very beautiful!
Feb 14, 2020
To each his own, Max. I have always thot Globals were not only overpriced, but butt ugly. I have handled several and do not like the way they feel. Perhaps if I used one, I might change my mind. I do not own a Tojiro, but I do like their looks-
Better steel, better price, better looks. (VG-10, $90, IMHO). Blade thickness- 2.5mm For you health, this is bolster free!
Sep 22, 2019
What the hell is this doing in every day carry?!
Jun 16, 2019
You guys know what bolsters actually are, right? This is the second of these Massdrop Apogee knives I've looked at. It's the second one that says the knife has a stainless steel bolster, and also, by what I am sure must be an astronomical coincidence, the second one that very much appears to have no bolster at all on it. Bolsters are often decorative on regular knives but on kitchen knives they're forged as part of the blade out of the same metal as the blade and have a lot of impact on knife performance. Also, forged blades are considered superior to diecut ones so many people take the presence of a stainless steel bolster as a sign of quality. So you can see why some people might be a bit perturbed to learn that a blade you advertise as having a stainless bolster, doesn't have one. Just a flat blade riveted to the handle. Like, take a second to open up the details section, and just go ahead and take out the references to 'stainless steel bolster' because as we have just established, your knife does not have one and therefore saying it does is actually what we call a 'lie'. Yes yes I'm sure it was completely accidental, yes watevr just fix it. Should be fixable with about fifteen seconds worth of editing, bingo bango bungo and then there you are, back on the side of truth and honesty! Give it a go, there's a good Drop.
Oct 1, 2019
Just putting this out there: Massdrop was alerted to the fact that they are falsely advertising their product on June 15 of this year by saying it has a stainless steel bolster. It is now October 1 and they still haven't changed the ad copy. This is why they want to change the ad copy: anyone can sue them and win damages. Is anyone listening up there, or are you waiting until you get found guilty?
May 17, 2019
How can I contact customer service?
Apr 4, 2019
I much prefer the rounded choil on these Gyuto style knives. Much more comfortable and natural to have a polished curve there. Allows for hand placement closer to a balanced position, IMO Also, it's not that uncommon to have to put a few drops of epoxy to fill and seal any small gap where the tang enters the handle.

Jan 6, 2019
I'm glad they posted a choil shot for this knife, but it looks pretty fat, to be honest, not thin behind the edge. Knife geometry is very important and this is no high-performance laser. I would even expect a workhorse knife to be thinner than this.
Dec 8, 2018
Does it ships to Singapore?
Dec 7, 2018
I have a Cold Steel in this steel. I was up on a roof installing some Hardiplank siding. The old Masonite, or whatever it was had rotted. I cut a couple of the pieces a tad too long, so I trimmed them up with this knife. It was not ready for the hot butter slicing contest when I finished, but with a little time and effort and some DMT stones, it came back to being very sharp. Over the years , I have collected too many chef knives, so I'm not going to get another. But I did want to testify about the steel in case anyone had questions. Some have favorably compared this 440C and 154-CPM. The unnecessary cladding certainly produces a beautiful knife. In case you can't read the print on Jonas' comparison graph, the grey is AUS-10, blue is AUS-8, and green is VG-10. The elements, left to right are C, Cr, Mo, V, Co, Ni, Mn, Si.
Dec 6, 2018
Just wondering if anybody is having problems with their knives. I finally received mine a few months ago, and handle is falling apart. Knife has been well with me, and i've treated it very well, hand washing, and all of that. But when I brought this to Massdrop, they were unable to comment on the quality of the blade, and asked me to reach out to the community. IS this suppose to be a high quality blade that competes with Wusthof, and Henckels? 120.00 isn't super cheap, Massdrop did offer a refund for me, so wondering if I should get a replacement, or a refund from Massdrop. Thanks, Michael
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