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Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 Audiophile Headphones

Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 Audiophile Headphones

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Product Description
In 2010, HiFiMAN released the HE-300, HE-500, and HE-6: a series of headphones that redefined price-to-performance expectations in their respective categories and solidified the still-young company’s status as one of the most respected names in the audiophile community. Inspired by the HE-300, which was eventually discontinued despite being a clear favorite for many, we teamed up with HiFiMAN to make the HE-350 Read More

Customer Reviews

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Jul 7, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
After using the HE-350 for over 5 years the headstrap broke on me. As I and the HE-350 have gotten to know each other I have found a few things that I like and dislike about the headphones. I like the treble, some may say that it is too harsh and I don´t blame them as the HE-350 is more focused on treble than bass. I listen to a lot of indie music and I appresiate the treble that the headphones provied. The bass is present similar to a knocking on the door, notisable but far from overwelming. If one is looking for a pair of headphones with a bass that is like a punch or someone kick in the door like the Sony XM3, these are not the headphones you are looking for. The mids are OK or good, I don´t have much to say there but along with the bass and treble, I would like to have more clarity but for around 100 USD I would say that the sound quality is good. I have compared these to the Philips Fidelio X3 and the HE-350 are able to compete with the X3. I also liked that it is easy to change the pads for whom may want to use other pads. What I dislike is the cable, it lasted maybe a year or two and it could have been longer, higher quality and not end in a angled connector. I also disliked that these headphone used 2.5mm connectors which significantly limited the avaiable third party cables that actually fit the headphones. I haven´t had as severe build quality problems as others have had, my headphones lasted over 5 years and their days are numbered because I can´t get hold of replacement parts for the headphones. If I want to replace the headstrap I need to buy the entire headband for 75 USD but it is also not avaible in the EU, this is a shame because it limits the life spand of the headphones.
Nov 5, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
I've been using these headphones as my daily drivers for general media consumption, work and gaming for about 4 years and I've grown to love them. They aren't perfect, of course, but I feel they offer some significant bang for the buck and are great all-rounders. Let's get the not-so-great out of the way:
  • Sound sometimes cuts off in one earcup or the other if I make some very small and specific head movements. It almost never happens if I wiggle the cables intentionally. Stronger motions have no effect, but it seems I sometimes manage to find just the perfect head angle for the signal to get cut. Overall this is not much of a problem, it happens quite rarely, but it does happen. I assume a fresh pair of cables might solve it.
  • The hinges started creaking after a couple of years . This is by far my biggest problem with them so far. Any small motion will make them creak, especially if I move my jaw (when I talk, for example)
  • A good chunk of the inside synth leather headband has peeled off, though I feel that is to be expected with this kind of material given the heavy use. It has not made it any less comfortable (since it doesn't rely on padding).
  • Bass is weak but well defined and full. I like bass heavy headphones and these are certainly not that. BUT, between some EQ tweaks and the super easy bass mod, you can get a bunch more of it with barely any quality loss. I would rather have this than a headset that can rattle my skull at the expense of everything else.
Where they do shine is in clarity, separation and stereo positioning. They lose none of those even if you pump up the bass which makes them fantastic for gaming. Better than any gaming headset I've tried so far (not many of them admittedly, I think they generally suck). They can match something like the Corsair HS80 or HyperX Cloud in terms of clarity and positioning while kicking their ass everywhere else. Turns out you don't have to completely sacrifice lows in order to hear footsteps. Being crisp and clear while retaining some lows makes them quite nice for most of the media I consume - youtube, podcasts, maybe the rare movie. While they aren't my favorite pair for music (not enough lows) they are good enough that I don't bother changing them out. Instruments are clear, nothing gets lost or overwhelmed and they are quite easy to listen to. Fit and comfort are excellent for me; I frequently wear them for 12+ hours a day and they cause no discomfort whatsoever, nor do they get as hot as most closed cups. They've held out fairly well so far, even though I was not particularly gentle with them. They've taken a few falls, got into a fight with a mouse (mouse ended up in the bin, the headset back on my head).
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Nov 5, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Terrible comfort, OK sound quality.
Hifiman's designs are not good for comfortable/long listening sessions.
Jun 12, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
This one is garbage. I can give you 5 $20 headphones that sound way better than this. Trust my review on this. This is one of the worst sounding headphone I ever heard. Build Quality is awful as well. Completely waste of money
Dec 21, 2021
wonwesleychoiI agree pure shite + had to wait a really long time due to fuck ups
Feb 8, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Do not buy these headphones. They sound mediocre at best, but the treble is so piercing it's very hard to listen to for any period of time and the bass is extremely lacking (even compared to other open back headphones I have tried). On top of the poor sound, the ear pads are very stiff and scratchy, and the band has quite a bit of clamping force so these are not comfortable to wear for any period of time. I really regret buying these.
Dec 18, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Excellent Headphones!!
I've had these for the past 4 years now, and for the price you can't go wrong. They're a great introduction to anyone who's getting into open-back headphones and want a bang for their buck. The build is good for the price range, but the clamping force was a bit too much out of the box. It needs braking in. I'd definitely recommend!!
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Nov 16, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Works great, Well Build and sound great
Used these for a couple of years, really liked them, one complaint is that the supplied cable is a little short, but their durability is great. I now carry them in my backpack as a portable pair and because of the way they fold they transport really well.
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Nov 8, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Excelent value for 100$ but no bass
highs are excellent, mids are decent and lows are non existent. After switching out ear-pads headphones became really comfortable. Burn in is a meme, i have been using these daily for 3 years and bass has not improved a bit.
Oct 6, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Shrill Highs, lack sub-bass completely... extremely fatiguing
They literally just broke after writing this review. It should be noted I am very gentle with my gear and equipment. This was extremely disappointing. Probably should drop to 1/5 stars for how cheaply they are made. Picture below.
****/5 Revamped rating to 4/5 after mod and swapping amps with boost and EQ on Mac. I listened on low level volume for distracted listening where divided attention tasks were unavoidable and necessary. In this headspace and mindshare, these were enjoyable. Without the sticker removal and DAC/amp boost and EQ, these would be a 2/5. [__________________] [___________________] Would not recommend. In a world so competitive with cans and iem’s at this price point, I simply cannot recommend due to the sibilance and piercing highs. Even with the easy bass mod, nothing can save you from the untamed high end. The separation is okay and detail is nice; however even with a DAC and amp, EQ, bass boost on the amp... nothing can save your ears from the sharp and painful upper end. Even trebleheads should take heed. Instrument separation was decent and fun, stage is above average at price point, but I found myself constantly turning down the volume to compensate for the highs assaulting my ears. I wanted to love these honestly. Now they’ll just sit on a stand or get gifted to a friend who is a musician, but i fear they will share the same fate in his hands. I have had these for over a year and a half, removed the sticker on the driver, use Tidal and a ifi Hip-DAC for mobile listening. Last listening session I listened to a slew of genres and probably focused on the music for about four hours and afterwards my ears were grateful the grueling workout was over. Still a fan of Drop and Hifiman... just not this set. Just my $.02. Cheers. Updated: I listened for another session at low volume and the sensation was pleasant once my ears got used to the sound signature. Probably decent for study sessions or where work requires some focus and you just want pleasant background noise and music. For listening enjoyment, def get yourself something else to jam out with you cans out.
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Apr 14, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Highs are a bit tiring
They're great but the high frequencies can be a bit tiring. I like the detail that comes from them but can only use them for a couple of hours at a time
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