Massdrop x PS Audio Sprout II

Massdrop x PS Audio Sprout II

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An integrated amplifier that does it all and does it well, the Sprout II was made in collaboration with PS Audio: a Boulder, Colorado–based company that’s brought us award-winning gear for more than 40 years. It builds on the original Sprout, whose laundry list of accolades includes The Absolute Sound’s “Product of the Year,” Sound & Vision’s “Top Pick,” and Stereophile’s “Editor’s Choice.” The Sprout II retains its predecessor’s all-in-one functionality—active/passive speaker amp, headphone amp, vinyl preamp, subwoofer preamp, and DAC—and adds a number of community-requested updates Read More

Apr 14, 2021
I bought one of those back in 2018, when it was first released here on this platform. Biggest mistake and worst purchase ever... Since then I am having nothing but problems with it and the PS Audio customer service is one of the worst I have ever encountered. First unit shipped back in 2018 was DOA, which they replaced. With my current unit, I've been having issues again for over a year now, and i first contacted them back in October about it. Seven months and probably a hundred emails later, and they still haven't managed to help me or fix my issue. I even got in contact with the local PS Audio distributor in my country and paid another 80.- for a "repair" which didn't help a bit. They then refused further service, because they don't sell/import the Sprout themselves, because of it's "too competitive pricing" to be profitable. So if your hoping to get your hands on one of those, do yourself a favor and get something else...
Jan 25, 2021
Re-release this already!
Jan 13, 2020
54 sold in the first run and 4.6k request. If that has not prompted PS Audio to make another batch by now, it will never happen. Too bad. I REALLY want one in black.
A community member
Jun 11, 2020
Same!!! I have same ol same silver, that black is a stunner
Oct 15, 2020
I wrote a review for it, but never got to publish. For a little guy, it’s super handy, and I still use it for my speaker system.
Jan 4, 2020
we need this back in the market or something very similar
Jan 25, 2019
Is it ever going to be available on Massdrop again?
Sep 19, 2018
Is there any Sprout100 amp remaining for the purchase ?? I can buy it right away..
Jul 24, 2018
Anyone know how the remote control work?I am wondering does it need to replace the battery?The remote control is a solid block of aluminum and has no cut out for battery.
Jul 17, 2018
Anyone looking to sell their sprout II in black?
Jul 17, 2018
Hello, are these available for purchase ANYWHERE else? I would kill to have the black version of the Sprout ii!!
Jul 16, 2018
Hey folks, I noticed that system recommendation questions don't get entertained here very often, but I'm going to try anyways. I've been researching components for a good 6 months now and finally pulled the trigger on the Q Acoustics concept 20, however I'm running them with a crappy AVR receiver. Could anybody recommend this or another amp please? :) I have a little dot mk iii I can use as a pre-amp and a topping d30 I can use as a DAC so i don't necessarily need an integrated amp. Thank you very very much.
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