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Mee Audio X7 Plus Bluetooth IEM

Mee Audio X7 Plus Bluetooth IEM

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Product Description
Compatible with the new iPhone 7, the X7 Plus Bluetooth IEM is ideal for use on the go. Even on a run or at the gym, these sweat-proof headphones remain secure thanks to their use of moldable memory wire, which conforms to the unique contours of your ear Read More

Jan 1, 2019
Focal Spark comparison ?
Mar 20, 2018
How do these compare to the M6B? I got the M6B in an earlier blue box and found them to be utterly terrible.
Nov 27, 2017
I had fit issues with this IEM. I started by buying comply tips which help A LOT. Much better sound. The problem was still getting it to seat properly and then keeping them seated during a workout. I was ready to get a different pair but thought I would give a try to making a "custom" earpiece using Sugru, which is a glue that turns to a soft rubber. There are plenty of descriptions on the internet so I won't describe this in detail and I am happy to post it if people are interested.
Anyway I made the mold and didn't like the sound as the drivers are not strong enough without a tight seal right in the canal. So I cut back the mold to expose the post so it would accept a comply tip. So it is a hybrid of the comply with the stability of the mold. Sounds amazing now and doesn't move at all. Better sound isolation as well but that is not critical for me. Give it a try and you will be amazed!
Aug 22, 2017
Used these for about a year before accidentally putting them through the wash with some clothes. They actually still worked for a bit after that but the sound in the left speaker began cutting out after a few days. I ended up replacing them with Jaybird X3 Sport, which fit a little more soundly for working out. I do like the controls and the weight distribution on the Mee Audio X7 Plus's better than the Jaybird's though. All in all they are a good value for the price and while they won't blow you away, they do have decent sound and reasonable battery life.
Aug 16, 2017
I just bought these on amazon, but had to return them... I could get them to "seal" in my ear canal, but if I shifted my scalp at all or raised my eyebrows, it would break the seal and ruin the sound... They sounded decent thought.. and I liked the design overall... They have the perfect length cable connecting the earbuds, most companies are too long. Bluetooth worked flawlessly and they are able to be glitch free to around 30 ft probably. I was pretty impressed. But since they don't fit my ear I ordered the X8, we'll see if that's better.
Aug 30, 2017
WildMurphYou might want to try the newer X7 model. The nozzle is smaller and allows for a better fit. They do not have AptX though. I reviewed them here:
Aug 11, 2017
"The MEE Audio X7 Plus were generally not bad, but way too heavy on the bass end. This left listeners feeling that the rest of the sound profile takes a back seat. They could be a top choice if you really like lots of bass, though"
Jul 10, 2017
Jul 11, 2017
bvic01Those are different from the X7 Plus. Those X7 does not support SBC, aptX or ACC codecs, they also have different drivers that don't sound as good as the X7 Plus
Jun 12, 2017
Not worth it, in my opinion. Uncomfortable, slips out of my ears (left more than right), and just doesn't sound very good when there are much better sets out there for the same price or cheaper, even. Hard skip on these.
Jun 12, 2017
HeirlanHave you tried different size ear tips? Mine works fine tbh, I am not a crazy audiophile or anything, but after listening to these compared to my old sennheiser mm70i, they definitely have better sound stage and crisp sounds, as well as decent amount of bass. I also own a Audiotechnica a2000x (big can), the x7 drives itself fairly well even when compare to the big can.
Jun 13, 2017
Heirlan+1 for Heirlan. My sentiments exactly. I'm one of the biggest Mee fans in the world—love pretty much all of the other 10 or so IEMs I've bought from them. This one, though, was a let down to me. I tried tip-rolling, readjusting, and inserting with my jaw open and closed. Just couldn't get the right fit and seal no matter what I tried. And even then, the sound I could get was below my usual Mee expectations. I'll happily keep buying their others, though!
Jun 11, 2017
I got the regular X7s a week ago, and these things constantly stutter when I run. I have my phone in a flip belt when I run. Is Bluetooth generally that bad that it can't keep a constant connection between a phone in a pocket and headphones, or do these just suck?
Jun 12, 2017
dandw12786I encountered stutter issues when I am out of the bluetooth range and I am using it with my iphone. Tried it with my PC today, the only time I have connection issues is when I was out of range again. Maybe it has something do with your BT module in your phone?
Jun 13, 2017
MrFriedRiceWell, I just got a cheap pair of Bluetooth IEMs from Aliexpress, and had zero stuttering issues, ditto with the Bluetooth mmcx connector I got from them a few months ago (and was using until the kineras I was using with the connector died). Yet this is the second pair of MEE Audio Bluetooth buds that have had stuttering issues for me (the first being a pair of X6 Plus). So I hesitate to blame my phone if cheap non-branded ones work perfectly, but I certainly can't dismiss the possibility. But it seems more likely that I've gotten lemons from MEE or that the brand just doesn't like my phone (it's an S7, so not like it's ancient). But I guess I'll stick to the cheap stuff.
Jun 8, 2017
So, I've received mine and I think they sound/fit well. My problem is, they won't pair to my Apple Watch. Has anyone here had success with that?
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