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May 18, 2017
I picked up a Matrix 2 a few months back and find it to be pretty good for the price point of 55ish dollars. The bass is fairly punchy and has some decent rumble, vocals are ok and highs lack a little bit of sparkle, But not bad for the price. I'm used to better and MUCH more expensive headphones so that recess in the highs is noticeable to me. Soundstage is a bit limited, but that's to be expected in this category.
The build is pretty good and sturdy. Comfort is just ok with the stock pads, but not something I want to wear for many hours on end. They have new pads now and I'm not sure if mine have the newer pads or the older (smaller) pads, so YMMV.
You can use Brainwavz pads even though they are almost to big, but can fit. This is much more comfortable and the larger cup add to the soundstage, but there is a decrease in bass. I prefer to stick to the stock pads for this reason.
These are diffidently good for the gym if you don't want to risk you more expensive headphones.
All and all I fell comfortable recommending these at this price point for a decent set of Bluetooth headphones that wont kill you wallet. Even if you have a nice pair of BT headphones these make a good second beater pair for those times you don't want to risk you expensive pair.
May 18, 2017
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