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Aug 8, 2017
So the audio quality compared to a pair of Sony BT headphones I bought for around the same price without Massdrop is noticeably better. The range is solid, deep bass presence and strong mid. Comfort has been just right, sitting comfortably around my ears and the headband isn't uncomfortable either. The headphones come with a sturdy case, usb charge cable and a 3.5mm connector if you don't want to use BT, which is a nice option to have say if you are away from charging for a while. My biggest issue with these however is their BT functionality. Paired with my iPhone 6S+ I have a noticeable delay, which for me is unforgivable for a pair wanting to be taken seriously. At best the delay is about 0.5s seconds, but at worst it can stretch beyond 1s, meaning watching videos, playing games, taking calls using the headphones is extremely distracting as you become immediately aware of the delay. If you look to the manufacturers, they talk as if half a second delay is an acceptable window of error, but for a pair of BT headphones, that just doesn't stand for me. There is a cable with the headphones allowing you to go wired, but they don't allow the use of the built in mic when wired, so although the wire helps remove the delay, it renders them yet again useless for mobile headphone versatility. If what you are looking for is a headset that you can listen to music and podcasts, then these will work just fine, but beyond that, if you need something with minimal delay for tight audio sync then stay well clear of these headphones.
Aug 8, 2017
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