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Jun 6, 2015
I have owned these for several months, purchased of an amazon flash deal or whatever they call it. They are pretty incredible for the money. No one will believe that I went weeks before having to recharge them after the first charge. I have zero high pitch hum streaming from my iPhone. They also voice to you that power is on, power is off and you're connected. Zero drama using them with an iPhone 5s and they are a really fun V shaped sound sig.
For reference, my anchored head-fi setup is a Schitt ygg DAC I send FLAC (lossless) files to that feeds either a KGST electrostatic amp that feeds my Stax SR-007A headphones, or that DAC feeding my dynamic headphone setup which is a Woo WA7 amp (I don't use the DAC built into the Woo) and Fostex TH900's.
Don't get me wrong, these aren't of the caliber of the above, but for this kind of money they are REALLY good and a lot of fun. I use them in the kitchen or in the bathroom getting ready before the family is up.
Jun 6, 2015
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