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Nov 17, 2015
DD53's arrived today - 48hrs after Massdrop's notice - zippy.
Listening to Trio ELF's '746' album & Ye Gods and Little Fishes these buds do dig deep, maybe a bit too deep, but still very smooth and detailed on the top end so not the typical 'V' - sound that impresses until the blood begins to drip from your ears.
They match up quite well with the Centrance SlimDAC, very dynamic & expressive on its 'High' setting, with a lovely hiss-free black background - Simon Phillip's massive drum kit has terrific impact on Hiromi's 'Alive' album, while Jackson's Contrabass remains the rock from which Hiromi launches herself - a brilliantly played electric bass which has a character very different from the ELF's stand-up acoustic bass - which says much about the articulation of these IEM's.
Nice kit & very good fun - Thanks All.
Cheers & Beers Jim
Nov 17, 2015
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