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Moondrop Voyager Bluetooth Neckband Wireless Earphone

Moondrop Voyager Bluetooth Neckband Wireless Earphone

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Product Description
One of the potential drawbacks of choosing a pair of Bluetooth earphones over a wired IEM is that the transmission compression usually results in lossier audio performance. The Moondrop Voyager Bluetooth Neckband Wireless Earphones aim to correct this shortcoming with cutting-edge digital signal processing and codec support Read More

Nov 22, 2023
Has anyone seen reviews of these? edit to add: I also realized that this will require an app to set the EQ. Seems like a potential problem to rely on an app to use your headphones.
Nov 22, 2023
aGuyAtMDIf I remember correctly, you can set the EQ on the app and then delete and the earphones remember. I had the moondrop Nekocakes and I EQ’d it since the default tuning was junk and then deleted the app. It worked for me and others. FYI, the app is junk as well.
Nov 23, 2023
aGuyAtMDi have the moondrop littlewhite which is basically this with swappable iems on the end and can confirm that both the app is garbage and it remembers EQ after disconnecting from phone completely
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