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Moondrop VX Classic Earbuds

Moondrop VX Classic Earbuds

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Product Description
A pair of high-fidelity earbuds from Moondrop, the VX Classics feature many of the well-regarded sound characteristics of the company’s in-ear monitors. They’re built with one dynamic driver per ear and deliver a good treble extension and a high-resolution sound Read More

Apr 24, 2019
My [Moondrop VX Classic] arrived today. Out of the box, I'm fairly impressed. A nice smooth sound signature. These look like they could be harsh, but that could not be further from the truth. I would describe them as a relaxed, just south of neutral. Details come through with passion and accuracy. Vocals are strong in the mid range. Bass is refrained, but still present when needed. Soundstage is well thought after. Build quality is better than my quick photos show. A solid earbud from head to toe. While the housing are a bit flashy, the rest of the earbud is understated with sensible materials. My only issue is the R and L on the housings can be difficult to see. Best to use colorful foam covers to discern for the proper placement. These are good earbuds for extended use. The lightweight feel and also the easy going overall sound that neither has harsh highs or overpowering bass.

Mar 28, 2019
I would say that these sound rather good under situations where one doesn't have to care about isolation. They are comfortable to wear, which I find super enjoyable. The only problem I got on my previous model of these (VX_pro instead of VX_classic) was that the plastic rims seemed not very durable, a problem that I wish Moondrop can solve on these newly-designed ones.
Mar 25, 2019
You know, I would pay $50 for a quality ear bud. I don't need the latest whizz-bang technology either. Since I can get a good seal by simply pushing lightly with my fingers, I'll bet someone could come up with a decent semi-seal on the cheap. A partial seal would help achieve the "rumble" when needed. I don't need the full seal of a stiff finger push on the body, as I'm not a basshead. I do appreciate the full range when appropriate,but attack energy, rolloff, etc are all important. I have 8 or more IEMs that can easily provide decent midrange and pretty good treble, all for $50 or less. Seems like the $50 audiophile ear bud is just around the corner. And for you early adopters, a shout out would be appreciated.
Mar 27, 2019
No issue really, im a noob 'audiophile' so im still getting a grasp on what half of these terms mean, or if the circumstances for the use of equipment are different than how i would use it. Thanks for replying~
Mar 28, 2019
Would you please suggest some better alternatives in this price range?
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