Nitecore BR35 USB-Rechargeable Bike Light
Nitecore BR35 USB-Rechargeable Bike Light
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As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, staying safe on the road is paramount. With the Nitecore BR35 you can light up the road ahead and stay visible to oncoming vehicles, no matter the conditions Read More

Jul 14, 2020
Li-ion battery has both good and bad characteristics. I had a light for night riding but then had a long spell not riding at night. When I did finally want to use it again, it was toast. No juice, wouldn't charge. Just one spell like this and Li-ion is dead as dead. So, what you need to make this work for you is a charge management system. Other problems are: high temps destroy the battery, keeping them fully charged destroys the battery. Best longevity is charging to only 40% but then, it's never ready when you want it. So, you have to seriously plan ahead. Discharge to 40% and maintain and the day before you need it, charge to 100%, then discharge to 40% maintenance again. Seriously, who will do this? But if you don't you pay through the nose for replacement batteries...... Anyone have a practical cost-effective solution to this?
May 28, 2020
Is there a warranty on this?
Jul 11, 2020
Probably not, nite core is not the type to remember you after the sale. I had to open a paypal dispute on them recently for ignoring me after I contacted them regarding a decficiency in a shipment . I would suggest buying through a reputable resller, maybe that way you would be better served.
Mar 11, 2020
So, I think you guys over there at Drop need to update the description of this product. I only suggest this because the first sentence is referring to when we turn the clocks back (short days and longer nights) but in actuality, day light savings just occured this past weekend. Meaning we set the clocks forward a hour, making the days longer and the nights shorter. I mean seriously, don't you guys give every description a read over when reposting a product that becomes available again? You know, that way you can stay a bit more current with the times? Be up to date?? Now be honest, how many bong loads of that grand daddy purple did you guys smoke, causing you to forget these simple tasks? 3?? 4?? 15!? Well, save some for me, my dude! But for real though, fix your shit.
Jan 8, 2020
Sep 13, 2020
Nov 12, 2020
Gross. Thanks for sharing. This means a no buy.
Jan 5, 2020
I have one for 2 years for commuting (Paris / Suburb), on road with traffic or trail far from any light. In city, I use wide beam to avoid to glare other bikes, and switch to long beam when crossing cars (remote button on handlebar). In trail, it depends on my speed. More often on level 1 or 2, sometime to maximum (level 4) at high speed to see farther. Very comfortable to have the time before shut down, 15h at level 1 after 2 years of daily use. The metal case permits to keep it cool, even in summer, compared to the other plastic light of my son (same power, other brand). Window is in glass, so no scratch, perfectly clear. Screw are visible, it might be possible to replace the battery, later. The only weak point from my point of view, is the lake of flashing mode, to use it during the day. Now I am waiting for the rear version in red, to keep car at safe distance. I place a order for my wife.
May 29, 2020
Flashing bike lights are illegal to use on Washington roads.
Dec 31, 2019
This light adds more than 1/2 lb to the bike! Everyone's needs are different, but this isn't for me. Replaceable batteries and light weight. I have to ride hills and it's tough enough--especially with my years! You know, look after the ounces and the pounds will take care of themselves.
Mar 10, 2020
I'm a weight weenie myself but.... This is an off road worthy 1800lumen light, half a pound or 250 grams is light weight for a light with this power. The weight is in the batteries and its a tradeoff of power, endurance and weight. To make it reliable and able to maintain brightness it requires heat dissipation which means more weight in the form of metal surface area. It's unfair to criticize this kind of light for its weight when there is no equal that is of any significant weight savings. Buy a cheap plastic light that puts out a max 200lumen if weight is an issue. Its kinda like criticizing a V8 4x4 for being a pig on gas.
Oct 6, 2019
Should dual range low mode be 330 lumens instead?
Aug 4, 2019
1 hour of battery life at max output is very disappointing. You won't get much of a ride in with this expensive light.
Jan 2, 2020
You should place this comment in the review !
Jan 2, 2020
May not be able to unless the light was bought from here lol
Apr 3, 2019
Does anyone know if this light is more flood than spot? I'd like to mount this on my MTB bars for flood coverage, and use a helmet mounted light for spot. The avg night ride we do is around 2 hrs on trail in the woods so the battery life and lumens are fine on dual range high. I like the self contained part because the water mottle mount on my bike is under, and I don't like a wired battery in my camelbak.
Dec 31, 2019
I'm going to call both the long range and the short range lights floods. The short range is more of a pure flood due to the short and diffusion reflectors. The long range is smoother and longer so has both spot-throw/flood characteristics - more a flood though by pics here:
Feb 11, 2019
can't seem to buy, site seems to be having issues!
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Nov 29, 2020