Nitecore TM9K 9,500-Lumen LED Flashlight
Nitecore TM9K 9,500-Lumen LED Flashlight
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Product Description
The Nitecore TM9K, short for “Tiny Monster 9K,” is a flat-out beast when it comes to brightness. Capable of a 9,500-lumen output, this little torch can shine a beam nearly 900 feet—great for searching, signaling, and blinding targets in an emergency Read More

Jan 8, 2021
This is a neat little flashlight. Easily managed with one hand and designed to be a multi-purpose tactical light. The dual tail-switch design is extremely versatile for tactical use. The turbo will be more than enough to blind anyone targeted and the half press on the clicky button allows you to spot shine the light at the various illumination levels without committing to turning the light on fully as well. You get modes. You get brightness. It doesn't take up much size. As has and will be pointed out by others, the Turbo is just that. You're not getting a 9,500 lumen during normal operation light. You'll spend the vast majority of your time below that. If you ever do need upper 4 figure brightness, it typically won't be for long, and this light will deliver it without forcing you to carry something that looks like a full-fledged lightsaber. Big fan of mine.
Dec 29, 2020
I would like to know if you also ship to germoney and at what additional cost?
Jan 1, 2021
He needs to chill?
Jan 2, 2021
Well yes, I don't get it either.
Dec 1, 2020
Is this like all the others, with a disgusting 6500K CCT?
Nov 25, 2020
I have one of these. I wanted to get as close to the five-figure lumen rating as possible without going broke, which happened anyway due to job loss, Covid-19 making finding another job near impossible, and then a double-hernia surgery that made me wish I was dead instead of broke, but that's another story for another day. Anyway, the Turbo 9,500-Lumen "setting" is really no setting at all. It runs at full power for approximately nine seconds before it steps down to the high setting, which is as close as you can get to Turbo without pressing and holding the second button that sits under the clicky. The clicky is on and off only. You step through the levels from low to high with the second button. There is a memory function, so maybe you step from high (if that was the last setting you used when you turned it off) to low, but in any case, with the exception of being on high when you turn it on, it goes from the lower settings to high and then reverts to low and starts over. I don't have any measuring equipment, but my guess is that the 9,500L is pretty close to accurate. I live on five acres where there are no lights outside. You can turn the thing on in Turbo from the off position or while it's at a lower setting. If it's pitch-black outside and you hit the Turbo facing directly downrange (same direction the light is facing so you don't catch any direct output in your face), you can still blind yourself momentarily just from how brightly everything downrange is lit up. Then again, unless you're close enough to hear whatever you're "searching" for, you ain't all that likely to find them/it within nine seconds, so it can hardly be thought of as a "search-light." The 9,500L thing is really just more of a novelty for that reason, at least by my reckoning. You don't have to "presume" that the battery is non-removable. It indeed, is. Something I totally missed when I bought it, and I was a tad bit PO'ed when I realized it. I don't even know for sure what size the battery that is permanently encased in the aluminum tube is. 18650? 26xxx? 27xxx? It probably says somewhere in the paperwork that came with it, or maybe even in the specs on the main page of this drop, but I don't need to bother with it. I'm gonna use it until the battery won't even allow it to get to Turbo (even for nine seconds!) anymore, and then throw it away. Lesson learned, I'll be prepared to spend what it takes to buy a real search light, which I think is probably still a couple or three years away anyway, if not more. I don't use Turbo much anyway, and even when I do, like I said, it's just a novelty to get a cheap thrill from having that much power in my hand for those oh-so-precious nine seconds! The thing that bugs me the most about the light is that ridiculous blue coating on the lenses. I have no idea what it's even supposed to do. At any setting except for Turbo, it changes the color of everything you point it at, and being so unnatural of a color, it's really distracting. Turbo cuts right through it and the light is really a pleasant color in that mode. YMMV, but if I'd have been able to predict how much the colored lenses would affect the color of the light, I'd have closed the page and never looked again at this light. If it matters to anyone, I use it almost exclusively for walking my dog on his last trip out before we hit the rack. He really seems to like the light. My other heavy-duty eye-ball-busters make him turn away and distract him from listening and/or obeying me when I'm trying to get him back in the house. If he had more mouth coordination and more pronounced lips, I get the feeling he'd be blowing raspberries at this light. It seems like he's laughing at it when he's looking right into it. 😁
Dec 1, 2020
LOL! 😂 I like your attitude Tom. And guess what, it’ll be like having a whole new light now. Particularly, on Med and High. 👍🏼
Dec 30, 2020
I hope you find a job and fully heal. Hang in there.
Nov 25, 2020
No run times? It's cool that the LEDs can last 50000 hours, but how many recharges is the presumably non-removable battery good for?
For the specs it doesn't say how long it can stay on Turbo mode for. Can you please include that as well as how long it takes to charge up the battery with the included charger?
Nov 24, 2020
With 5000mAh and 9 XML LEDs I suppose that turbo mode You can use it for 15 to 20 minutes at most.