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Nocs Design Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Nocs Design Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description
A Bluetooth or wireless speaker brings convenience and versatility, but often lacks a bit in audiophile performance. The Nocs Design Mini Bluetooth Speaker takes all the audio success that Nocs has fostered over years of awards and recognition and packs it into a beautifully minimal Bluetooth speaker with top-tier fidelity Read More

Mar 2, 2024
why are these so ungodly expensive
I am sure it sounds good but this thing is ugly.
BigVoxOA grill cover would solve that, plus offer some protection. Doesn't appear to be an option. I'd be nervous having the naked speakers exposed. Sh*t happens. Reviewers on the Nocs site seem to be pleased with the sound quality.
Mar 2, 2024
I think my friend built this in our high school shop class except he added the Metallica logo on the top.
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