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With excellent responsiveness and ultra-low distortion, planar magnetic drivers are a sought-after technology for many listeners. Once only found in headphones, they’re now available in a pair of portable earphones Read More

Jun 9, 2021
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Jun 8, 2021
Hate to ask this question here guys, but if there's anyone who isn't really into their PP set and is up for a trade, I have a pair of used twice, authentic bought directly from Sennheiser Germany IE-80S iems I'd be willing to trade you for them if interested. I paid around $300 for them total new, and they've got the best bass I've ever heard in any iem I've owned this far (and I've owned everything from Unique Melody & Audeze to DUNU & IMR and quite a few more), plus it's adjustable, too. All original accessories and packaging included, and I can also include a pair of BNIB never worn once pair of Dekoni Elite Hybrid earpads for Audeze / ZMF style headphones; they cost me around $80 fyi. And if your rather trade for an excellent condition Little Bear B4-X portable tube amp w upgraded Burson V5i op-amps installed, I can do that as well. Just thought I'd put it out there. Oh, and please forgive me if this is out of line or shouldn't have been posted here; I'm sorry!
Jun 7, 2021
I bought my PMV PPs on Taobao for 698 yuan. Their sound signature is dark and warm. They fit very well with the Hidizs AP80 Pro, on a balanced output. The player sounds neutral-light. With dark sources at PMV, the bass becomes very bloated. But with the AP80, the bass becomes, precise, well controlled, very pleasant. Therefore, they are well suited to DACs based on ESS chips. 
Jun 5, 2021
Just received mine, so these are first impressions and I don't want to call this a review. Long story short, the PPs are surprisingly good. I was listening to a near-TOTL IEM (U12t) and switched these out-of-the-box, and did not feel like I was falling off of a cliff in terms of audio quality. What I get is that the mid and treble response is fast and clean, with good detail, and that the bass, while articulate, is not as deep as I prefer. I have read, but not confirmed, that the bass response improves with burn-in (working on that now). If I were asked by a friend whether they should get these, I would say: if you are looking for the best sound possible, keep listening to music on your Beats until you save enough money to buy a $1K+ or $2K+ IEM; if you enjoy listening to / experiencing different IEM nuances / technology and have the cash, the PPs are a great value (and I personally like them better than the TIN P1s - and I have a warm spot in my heart for those), so buy them. In my listening scheme, I view the PPs as an excellent EDC / coffee shop listen. YMMV and all those other caveats. I think the PPs are a good value at the Drop price (or lower if you can find it).
Jun 3, 2021
hehe PP (I'll see myself out)
Jun 2, 2021
Collection on amazon with free shipping
May 7, 2021
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May 2, 2021
‘14’ seems to be the theme with this set.
May 2, 2021
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Apr 21, 2021
So I got these off of Linsoul. I have to say, for the price I'm loving these. I've had all sorts of IEM's and Headphones from cheap to expensive. Some to mention are Empire Ears Legend X, the P1's, TFZ Live 03, BLON (all of the IEM's), Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R, Beyer 1990 pros, a LOT of Sennheisers and KOSS headphones, Audeze iSine 20's, Audeze Mobius and Penrose (yes I know they are gaming headsets but they perform well), and so many more. I am what I like to call myself a "Basshead Audiophile". I LOVE bass, but I don't want it to ruin the other frequencies. The Legend X did that a bit for me, and to be honest the Legend X tried to make the soundstage too large. I think IEM's are supposed to be intimate, otherwise it's typically artificial soundstage and I pick up on it. Let's get back to the PMV PP's. They are outstanding. I don't think they are technically impressive as the tinhifi P1's, and by that I mean they don't pick up quite as many details... but in a way they get the same and more. So, what do I mean? Well, the Tinhifi P1's were a bit too dry and sterile, and boy were they hard to drive (in comparison to these anyway). The PMV PP is rich, and full... it has bass. It's not going to blow your socks off, but it definitely has more than the P1's, and it isn't muddy at all, it is VERY well controlled. The bass does leak a bit into the mids, however it doesn't overpower them at all. It's just there, the details in the mids get reproduced and picked out very easily enough. The highs are definitely well done, they don't reach quite as far out there as a 64 Audio tia Forte for example, but they do a very good job. This isn't a HUGE soundstage IEM, but then again... I don't think IEM's should try unless they are open-back IEM's, because then it is a natural expansive sound. I really love these things, they have a very nice finish and are built well. I ditched the cable though, it's not horrible but I have better ones that feel better so I used one of those. These are VERY good for EQing, they handle everything I threw at them, and the distortion isn't there. These don't take much to power, and hold up well with high volume, something dynamic drivers have a hard time doing. These also sound a lot more natural than the typical planar magnetic. I don't know what it is about planars, but I always felt they didn't have the best timbre when compared to dynamic drivers (sort of like how balanced armatures deal with bass, yes the bass is there but it doesn't feel or sound natural when compared to a dynamic driver). I absolutely love these. They have the sound signature I love, a good bass reproduction, details everywhere. Very pleasant, they may not be SUPER analytical or MONSTER detail retrievers, and the sound is more of an "in the head" experience versus something you get from an open-back set... but man these tick off so many check boxes that I felt the need to tell people. Easy to drive and able to take power too, nice frequency response, distortion isn't an issue, natural sounding, impactful and dynamic and not a siblant or shouty pair, built well, great price for what you get. I think it depends on what you want, but these are amazing in my book. I think everyone should have multiple headphones/IEMs for different occasions... and these deserve a spot in anyone's collection for being very well rounded and impressive in many areas.
May 3, 2021
Just so everyone knows, after buying and listening to them from linsoul, I saw they were available on Drop again... So I purchased 2 more on this run. That's how much I love them. Using the ones I have currently with my swapped premium cable, and one of the two I just bought will be tucked away just in case something happens to my others, while the other one I bought from here will be going on my FiiO bluetooth neckband so I can stream music on the go when I want to with LDAC. For me, these are endgame.
May 3, 2021
I really like my pair, but damn, that is some serious love!
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Jun 21, 2021
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