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Polk RTiA3 Bookshelf Speakers

Polk RTiA3 Bookshelf Speakers

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Product Description
Take your home theater system to the next level with the Polk RTiA3 bookshelf speakers, praised by Stereophile for demonstrating “excellent audio engineering at an affordable price.” Each speaker features a 6.5-inch Dynamic Balance woofer and a 1-inch Dynamic Balance dome tweeter, with a 150-watt power handling and plenty of clarity, bass impact, and lifelike detail. The company’s proprietary curved, six-layer DAHLI enclosure design ensures clean, non-fatiguing sound with minimal cabinet resonance, and is finished with a beautiful hardwood veneer and sleek trim accents Read More

May 8, 2017
people these are good speakers do not look past these they hit above there price
May 7, 2017
Recently got a pair of Andrew Jones designed Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers and Pioneer SW-8MK2 Powed Subwoofer for ~$300 total, and they sound great! Andrew is an artist at speaker design!
May 7, 2017
Save your money and buy a pair of ELAC B6's. Twenty bucks cheaper and far superior sound.
May 6, 2017
I don't recall Amazon prime selling these for such a low price in the past. Is that monopolistic pricing? There's no sale on the A6 center channel. I had these on my integrated amp with the compact sub for several years and enjoyed them but got the LSi 703 a year ago which is more refined sounding. Using 24" pedestals worked well for both. The sub wasn't needed for most music but it really completed the sound for watching movies in stereo. The tweeter on these is more directional for a smaller sweet spot but I thought it sounded good.
May 6, 2017
To tack on what others are saying I own a pair of the smaller A1s. Similar specs and design as the A2s, but with smaller cabinets and woofers. Very easy to drive, and not fatiguing. I have paired them with Denon AVRs, a Rotel RA-12, and currently have them powered by a Marantz PM-7005. Balanced, and very natural sounding.
I'm sure these are the bee's knees, but they're also $270 on Amazon right now (May 6).
May 6, 2017
I bought three pairs of these for 400 each four years ago, they easily fill a large space, and are pleasing to listen to with or without a subwoofer. They aren't too difficult to drive, and I'd totally recommend them as right/left channel speakers for a home theater setup in addition to their obvious excellence in a desktop configuration. Definitely worth your consideration at this price point
May 6, 2017
these are a large bookshelf and need proper stands
May 6, 2017
I have owned these for over 2 years and for a bookshelf speaker they are fantastic even with a sub not hooked up the bass response is good close to a tower in performance I Also have kef towers and other bookself speakers and these perform above this price point I paid 700 Canadian when I bought mine and yes I would do it again
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