Prisma Audio Azul IEM

Prisma Audio Azul IEM

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The Prisma Audio Azul is a boutique IEM that takes simplicity to heart with a dual-balanced-armature configuration that emphasizes great tonal balance and clarity. With a smooth, refined midrange, and impressive treble extension, the Azul redefines neutrality in its class Read More

Jul 25, 2021
I pre-ordered the Azul a while back to support Josh and his endeavor, not really knowing what to expect. My #006 came in and I was actually quite surprised that it sounded pretty solid and coherent and as a fan of Etymotic's house sound, I was happy to hear a similar, but improved tonal balance with a much more comfortable fit. I wrote a full review a while back here: I saw a lot of remarks regarding this and Moondrop Blessing 2. While I do think the B2 has some definite pro's over the Azul, but one thing that makes the B2 a deal breaker for me is the large shell with angled and wide bored nozzles that don't fit my ears at all. I unfortunately can't wear them without experience discomfort and pain for more than 15 minutes at a time, and I've tried literally hundreds of different tip combinations.
Jul 25, 2021
I bought my pair directly from Josh last year, and it is my daily walking pair. I do enjoy listening to audiobooks in them and some lofi while I am going for the walks, I do have b2 dusk and several other IEMs, isine 10, starfields etc. they are definitely worth the money and Josh is awesome person and made really great pair of IEMs I also was lucky number 13 =)
Jul 21, 2021
Hello, I am the friend @NotDai mentioned. I really do love how clear and tonally correct the Azul presents music while being engaging for it. Here's a pic of my pair; I've long since returned to the stock Azla Sedna tips that Prisma Audio packages with the Azul, as they sound their best with them: 
To add to what NotDai said on this comment here, I found the Azul to have better note texture in presenting voices and instruments than the B2 is, e.g. vocal fry from the likes of Chester Bennington, as well as the strum and pluck of guitar strings, stood out more and felt less smoothed over, to my enjoyment. In addition to a more resolving presentation of instruments and voices, I second Precogvision's description of them as having good macrodynamics. To me, this means sounding less compressed than the B2 in differentiating loud noises from quiet noises. With the Azul, it easier for me to appreciate the control in how vocalists sing and present lyrics, especially through modulations of volume or in picking up the ending sigh of a note they're belting out, as Joakim of Sabaton is wont to do. This is my reference playlist, many of whose tracks were actually selected in my comparisons between the Blessing 2 and Azul:
Cool to see this on Drop. I've previously reviewed the Prisma Azul, which I bought when it first went on pre-order last year. Azul is an impressive neutral monitor, with tuning similar to Etymotic's ER4XR but with stronger treble extension and -- probably related -- much stronger imaging performance.

Jul 19, 2021
I have tried a friend's unit and can say it definitely is a strong contender for "neutral." And unlike many IEMs, it has actual air presence, which is impressive for sub-$500. Frankly, I still prefer my Blessing 2 since it images better with slightly better soundstage; in this regard, I'd say Crinacle's evaluation on the Azul's relatively mediocre imaging abilities is quite fair. Even so, Azul is a very worthy alternative if you prioritize greater coherency and arguably better tonality (though a little less bass quantity) - after all, said friend chose the Azul over the B2 after comparing the two. Plus, the Azul has no fit issues and great accessories.
Jul 19, 2021
This is boutique and interesting - least this goes back to the massdrop roots of curating up and coming / niche audiogear and offering a discount. (albeit the discount is only 20 bucks but still i give them points for sourcing this one)
Jul 19, 2021
Exactly. Finally an exciting offering that is non-chifi. Keep up the good work Josh!
Jul 19, 2021
Not sure I can afford to get in on this drop, but this story is awesome. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of your stuff in the future!