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Rooth C&P M02 Earplugs

Rooth C&P M02 Earplugs

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Product Description
For musicians, music lovers, firearms users, and anyone who wants to protect their hearing, the  Rooth C&P M02 earplugs offer a comfy, discreet solution. Made from soft silicone, these transparent tips feature an ergonomic, triple-flange design with a short, clear stem Read More

Dec 18, 2021
The Firearm plug is a defective 3M product being resold by DROP. I bought them, then found out about the 9 million dollar law suit against 3M by the US Army. DROP won't let me return them.
Mar 26, 2022
MattRattUpdate: After I posted this, I received a refund.
Aug 20, 2021
A great market that isn't listed here are individuals who wear ear protection on motorcycles. At highway speeds factors like wind and engine noise can rapidly cause severe hearing loss, and so many riders wear earplugs on the bike, but it can be hard to find options that effectively protect our hearing, are comfortable under a helmet, and still allow for the use of intercoms. I would be extremely interested in a solution that worked for that use case.
Apr 16, 2021
Hello firearm version has 2 sides ,why? do you remove the one side ?
Nov 28, 2020
Anyone know how to change the M02 inserts to the smaller tips? Received no instructions or contact for customer support :(
Oct 5, 2020
"Shipping not available for the selected address." my address is in Massachusetts, is this a bug?
Jun 27, 2020
Bought the 9 dB Musicians Protection version on the previous drop. Mixed feelings for these. They don't fit my ear canals well-they are too small and go in so far to seal I can sometimes hardly get them back out. Also one of them is different. Not knowing which is the appropriate level of suppression I have no idea which is defective. One of them is completely sealed and no air moves through it when blowing through it-I assume this is the defective one. The other has air holes so one can hear when wearing this one but the inconsistency should make everyone careful when ordering these. Because I bought them for motorcycle riding (I have a very loud pipe) they work for me as I put the sealed one in my right ear as that is the side with the pipe and the other in the L ear. If they were a bit larger I'd order another pair and hope for a matched set but they are too small for me.
Jun 25, 2020
True Story- I was in an opera pit getting my ears blasted out. When I order some of the last drop of the Rooth. Six weeks later every gig from then to eternity was cancelled and I haven't been on stage to try those. I would be very interested in the 9db vs the 18 and 23 I had bought earlier. But alas....
Apr 14, 2020
I am curious. The Rock plugs seem to block more noise than the firearm plugs... if one wants one for firearms shouldn't he just order the rock ones?
Jun 25, 2020
Skreecould have something to do with the quality of the act.......
Feb 8, 2021
SkreeI'm guessing that they are designed to block out sounds at different frequencies.
Jan 15, 2020
For future reference, the frequency spectrum attenuation for the Orange (Rock Protection) listed on the package is as below. H: 27dB, H: 22dB, L: 19dB. Hz     dB 63     16.3 125    17.9 250    19.7 500    21.9 1000   24.6 4000  30.7 8000  32.1
Jan 14, 2020
Which are would be recommended for airport workers? I work on the ramp which is loud with jet engines and other machines.
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