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Soundcore by Anker Liberty 2 Pro True Wireless IEM

Soundcore by Anker Liberty 2 Pro True Wireless IEM

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Product Description
With an innovative driver design and intelligent app integration, the Liberty 2 Pro from Soundcore by Anker is making waves in the world of true wireless audio—and the pros are taking notice. Endorsed by 10 Grammy award-winning producers, the Liberty 2 Pro sets itself apart with all-new Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture: a design that combines a Knowles balanced armature and an 11-millimeter dynamic driver in one body Read More

Nov 30, 2021
I ordered these months ago. Drop shipped me something unrelated. However, instead of coming clean, they have ghosted my emails, pictures, and every attempt to get another set shipped or my money refunded. Bad Drop, bad! That’s not how you’re supposed to do internet commerce. :(
Oct 12, 2021
can I use them on multiple devices?
Mar 31, 2022
daraulNot at the same time. Also, they might be cheaper on Amazon
Aug 20, 2021
I've owned a pair of these for a long time. I actually prefer them over my Sure SE215s; the 215s sound muddy compared to these. The only thing I'm not super thrilled with about these is that they're extremely bass-heavy and it's difficult to get that bass turned down, even with their app. Overall, I'm very happy with them.
Aug 4, 2021
Ambient/Transparency Mode? Is there any chance these get updated to include a transparency mode? I am in an office setting and having this functionality helps me to be aware of my surroundings and control my vocal levels better to not disturb others.
Aug 4, 2021
Bought these from Amazon 2 weeks ago and returned them the next day. The tuning is aggressive V shaped. Muddy overwhelming bass, not instrumental clarity and some of the worst sibilant highs. If you want a better tuned wireless buds from Soundcore, and at a cheaper price point, get the Soundcore Liberty Neo for $60 instead. much better ear bud for the price
Jul 25, 2021
Honestly a $10 savings over Amazon.... And if you have an Amazon Store card it's actually a $5 difference..... It's not worth it. Also, after reading the reviews, I'll pay a little more and stick with Jabra 75s
straight out of the box, I can confirm what is known as the "hissing" issue and heavily boosted bass others have mentioned below. After that I had,
  • connect to soundcore app
  • firmware update
  • assign volumn control +/- , and dial down from the default out of the box volumn and adjust using phone volumn up/down control intead
I'm now about an hour in and the hissing issue seems to be only noticable ms (1/1000 sec) before and after when there is an active signal (when there is no active signal the hissing went down) but the overall sound signature still a heavily boost bass one, in the expense of the treble/ mid, kinda reminds me of the infamous "BOSE" sound signature, deep heavy bass and not-so clarity in the mid, like a clubbing/ gaming/ gym/ electro dance music.
the short answer is no... couple of more hours in on multiple occasion I found myself overwhelmed by the artificially boosted bass and just left them playing on my desk. In sharp comparison, my daily TWS is sony and it''s just leagues ahead in every dimension and smart features just shows a more human touch. and the long answer is instead of improving the overall sound, I just let it give some old song/ bad recordings and let the BA and 11mm DD brings out the highs and bass where I would have otherwise missed. Like the saying "it may looks like a rough stone on the surface but under the right pressure and condition it could have been a shining diamond. "
May 29, 2021
OZ.Bloody.RabbitYa, I have a similar expereince. I tried EQ with the soundcore app but coudn't get the mids to sound open and natural, and that nasty bass... So I gave it to my dad who couldn't tell good sound from bad sound. He said the IEM sounded very good, lol. Glad I bought them on Bestbuy for only 50 bucks when they were on sale, because to me they are only worth 50 bucks, and definitely isn't worth the original 130 bucks.
Apr 16, 2021
Have they fixed the hissing noise that torments podcast listeners?
Apr 16, 2021
Headfonics review "The Liberty 2 Pro is a solid but classic V-shaped TWS tuning a high contrast low-end and treble tuning. This errs more to vivid and exciting than mellow or reference like in tone, at least with the stock tuning. "
Apr 16, 2021
These are meh. I've had these since close to launch. Never have connectivity or charging issues. That being said, the case is huge, they're extremely bass heavy (and physically heavy) as others have mentioned and they're not comfortable for more than an hour. They stick out of the ear pretty far. They've just become a backup. I have smaller ears and was never able to get a comfortable snug fit, but they go come with a large assortment of tips and wings so I imagine more average size people might have more luck with fit.
Apr 16, 2021
MingRoseThese are pretty bass heavy unless you run the personalized tuning, then you can smooth it out. I suppose so they can account for people who want obnoxious amounts of bass.
Apr 16, 2021
Jeremiah_RI've tried the app. I don't really like the idea of EQ things though. They're convenient and simple if I'm in a pinch.
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