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TECSEE Blue Sky HPE Tactile Mechanical Switches

TECSEE Blue Sky HPE Tactile Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
Known across our Mech Keys community for high-value, high-performance switches, TECSEE is going higher than ever before with the Blue Sky switch. Equipped with longer-than-normal poles for tactile action and stratospheric travel, this switch will give your keystrokes a depth and focus fitting of a journey above the clouds Read More

Customer Reviews

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Aug 2, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Plastic fangs cracked when hotswapping.
Was smooth once lubed. However, when I swapped out of a brass plate, 4/90 had broken top housing fangs. The material doesn't seem too durable.
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checkVerified Buyer
Blue Sky Star: Quite Good
This version is a long-pole UHMWPE-stemmed tactile, and it's one of the best offerings from Tecsee I've tried so far. Smooth and clacky without being excessively harsh; if you like or want to try long pole tactiles, these are a great option to consider.
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Apr 7, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Awesome switches
The HPE housing makes this switch stand out from others, tactile bump is soft and satisfying along with the long pole. Amazing switch.
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Apr 1, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
These switches are amazing...
Worth a try, wish they were quicker to get.
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Recent Activity
Damn, I don't know if anyone else gets a super early shipment. The estimated ship date is June 17, 2022 PT. Mine was Shipped March 28th and is already in a sack/container on its way. I ended up picking up all but the Sun switch. Edit: And like that they have arrived and they look gorgeous. Very very initial impressions are the housing is pretty tight, and stem wobble is pretty low. They are all pretty smooth but none blew me away. But at the price it's good. The amount of lube is decent and helps with sound and feel. But some felt a bit sticky. The tactile bump is very bold and very high. Reminds me a lot of the Purple panda, but Blue Sky Cloud Tactile with the extra long stem feels really good. The Blue Sky Star Linear has a very soft bottom out, and so does the Blue Sky Star Tactile but not to the same extent. Very very initial impressions. After just feeling them out of the bag, both taciles feel great with the Blue Sky Cloud Tactile feeling super good. Both linear are solid but the Blue Sky Star Linear bottom out is very muted and soft I'm not a huge fan. Blue Sky Sun Linear ill have to buy next time around. But so long as my mind doesn't change after fully testing them I think I'm going to pick up more Blue Sky Cloud Tactile. Edit: The biggest issue so far is the housing isn't the tightest and is very soft. I was shocked at how easy it was to open up, the plastic is not very stiff. Once it's opened once the housing wobble is bad. Deskeys thicker films are ideal for this but they do somewhat ruin their look. Lube is very very light. A small amount on the legs and stem rails. Very small amount of lube. Smoothness wise there as good as other budget switches like Jwicks and Gateron Pros but those use a lot more lube so that is impressive. These also vary on bottom out feel. All the HPE switches bottom out too soft for me. But the POM stem units are great. Next Drop I'm going to order 2 more 110 packs of the Blue Sky Cloud Tactile. After more time has passed I love the Blue Sky Cloud Tactile so much, they the drop comes back ill grab like 4-8 packs. SO please request this drop so you can get some for your self.
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