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TFZ Live 1 IEM

TFZ Live 1 IEM

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Product Description
With cutting-edge hardware, an expansive frequency response, and a comfortable fit, the Live 1 IEM from TFZ hits all the marks in an affordable package. Driving the audio, an 11.4-millimeter Tesla double-magnetic circuit driver employs a nano-level graphene diaphragm to optimize transient response and dynamic sensitivity Read More

May 21, 2021
Does anyone know where I can find the TFX live 1 replacement 2 pin cable with mic?
Oct 29, 2020
The last drop got canceled because of fewer people; is there a chance of this coming again soon? i badly need one. does anyone know any other place i can buy these if these are not returning here? thanks. ps: i live in india.
Mar 25, 2021
SagarKapasi099Aliexpress has millions of Chi Fi iems for great prices. Shoppee and Lazada have even better prices if you can order from them. I can't in Canada sadly...
Oct 12, 2020
Would the mic cable work fine through the lightning adapter on an iPhone?
Sep 16, 2020
Do these function wirelessly?
Sep 18, 2020
hobochickinNope, these are wired
Sep 15, 2020
These or the blon bl-03?
Sep 17, 2020
XenaxI love the sound of the BL-03s, but I found them uncomfortable to wear for long. These look like they would be less awkward, but I can't speak for the sound.
Sep 18, 2020
XenaxWith EQ'ing the treble, I'd take these over the BL-03 but I'm a bit of a bass head. The bass is unreal with the Live 1 and sounds about on par to the TFZ No.3 (which is at least twice the price). Without EQ however, the treble actually hurts my ears. For example in Run for Your Life ft La Chat by clipping. there is this static sounding "chk" noise used as a clap or hi-hat and without EQ'ing, it makes me wince every time when it occurs. Also The TFZ Live 1 fits my ears better but I don't have an issue with the shape of the BL-03 either (which some people do).
Sep 14, 2020
For this kind of money, I'm into it. A couple of thoughts, though: I wish there was an option to get two colors (red for right, blue for left, anyone?), and I would love to get both cables, because I'm not sure if the TRRS cable will work with my DAC, but I'd like to have some in ears that work well with my phone/laptop because I'm on Zoom calls all day these days.
Sep 14, 2020
How are they compared to the S2 Pro?
Aug 14, 2020
Decided at this price to try them out without waiting on reviews. The TFZ No.3 that I bought some time ago are fun and maybe these will be too. If they are awful, at least I have a new cable. Also, this is random, but something about the color and design reminded me of toys (like yoyo's) I used to see in the store as a kid; little bit of a nostalgia rush for me. Edit: I just got them and have been listening to a few test tracks.   First impressions: For me, I think high end needs to be tamed some but the bass is great. Songs like Breakage's Dedication and Eekkoo's Teardrop are a bass brain massage. Dead Weight by PVRIS and Fantasy by Against All Logic show that the imaging is decent.  The crazy sound engineering found in Run for Your Life ft La Chat by clipping. is present with these. I haven't yet made good soundest playlist for soundstage and compared it to other headphones / IEMs so I can't really speak on that.  The cable looks to be the same thing that came with the No.3 and is nice. The TFZ Live 1 is very comfortable so far. I haven't tried any other tips with them, just the medium silicone tips that came installed on them. I used a FiiO μBTR to connect to my iPhone.
Sep 18, 2020
Acallademi concur with Acalladem: the treble is a bit overbearing. luckily it isn't sibilant, and my guess is they would respond well to EQ, like Acalladem noted.
Aug 14, 2020
Do we know anything about the sound signature about these?
Aug 13, 2020
Is this a quality brand? I'm new to the quality IEM and headphones club.
Aug 14, 2020
(the following are my personal definitions, i don't know how shared by the audiophile community there are. if anyone more knowledgeable corrects me, definitely go with their descriptions lol.) colored = purposefully tuned in such a way to emphasize certain frequency ranges beyond a certain quasi-standard baseline. (i hesitate to say "not neutral" because defining neutral itself is kinda difficult.) relaxed = no harshness or bite in the upper frequencies; bass doesn't thump your skull; vocals don't sound like yelling. hard to describe with words, but comparing two sets of head/earphones side by side would probably make it make more sense. fun = thumpy bass, (overly?) expressive vocals, rolled off highs. warm = mix of emphasized bass with a less airy, more confined sound stage. the two pairs of TFZ iems i have are a little warm, but not horribly so, and probably more fun than analytical. they would probably match fine with vinyl, in my opinion. oh, keep in mind that changing the eartips can often greatly alter the sound signature. iirc, a wider diameter eartip will accentuate treble and a thinner one will accentuate bass. (i try to stick to whatever's included with any given iems, but sometimes they're just uncomfortable lol.) sorry for the info overload, hopefully some of it is helpful. :)
Aug 17, 2020
motodI don't mind all the information. It helps me learn more. I appreciate all your help.
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