TFZ Live 3 IEM
TFZ Live 3 IEM
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Improving on the popular Live 1 IEM, TFZ skipped Live 2 and went straight to Live 3. The reason? Read More
The Third Generation Goes Live

Improving on the popular Live 1 IEM, TFZ skipped Live 2 and went straight to Live 3. The reason? Third-generation Tesla drivers. In each earphone, an 11.4-millimeter Tesla double-magnetic circuit driver employs a nano-level, diamond-like diaphragm to maximize sensitivity and create a wide soundstage. Together with a two-layer voice coil electroacoustic design, the Tesla-level magnetic flux generated by the drivers allows the Live 3 to deliver Hi-Res sound, while also being easy to drive. Further improvements from the Live 1 can be found on the exterior, where the Live 3 adopts a CNC-machined shell with a redesigned shape and a smooth, marble-texture faceplate. It also comes with an upgraded silver-plated cable.

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  • TFZ
  • Drivers: Third-generation 11.4 mm double-magnetic circuit, two-way crossover graphene driver
  • Resistance: 20 ohms
  • Frequency response range: 5 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB / mW
  • Minimum power: 8 mW
  • Connector: 2-pin 0.78 mm 
  • Termination: 3.5 mm 
  • Cable type: Silver-plated detachable cable (with or without mic)
  • Cable length: 3.9 ft (1.2 m)
  • Weight: 0.1 oz (3.8 g)
  • 7 pairs of eartips

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