Tin HiFi T2 & T2 Pro IEMs
Tin HiFi T2 & T2 Pro IEMs
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Featuring a dual-driver configuration with one dynamic 10-millimeter woofer and one 6-millimeter tweeter per ear, the Tin Hi-Fi T2 IEM delivers a clean, clear sound. The build quality belies the price, too, with metal housings ending in red and blue plastic rings that differentiate the right earpiece from the left Read More

Nov 29, 2020
After 2-3 months of using these the wire's connection to the right piece was cutting off randomly, and a month later the left piece had the same problem too. They sound great, but the wires don't seem to be too good.
Dec 2, 2020
Nov 27, 2020
Solid packaging and I liked the faux-leather book-style box. The build feels really solid and the machining is nice. I haven't had them out of the box for more than 10 minutes, so I'm not sure I can provide a comprehensive review yet, but I'm impressed with the sound so far (breaking them in with The Nightfly!). The cable is much better than with other similarly priced IEMs, which is an important point for me, especially given the reduced handling noise (I'm sure the MMCX connector helps with this). Thanks https://forem.dev/blog
Nov 29, 2020
You should cut & paste this into the review section.
Oct 7, 2020
Check out shenzen audio. Cheaper $39 and free worldwide shipping. Very few items on drop have a value proposition anymore.
Oct 6, 2020
so we're paying 4$ less than amazon for... longer ship times, delayed shipments, the wrong cables apparently, and DOA connectors? why? drop has great deals but believe me this isn't one of them. pay the 4$ extra and get them from Amazon prime
Nov 4, 2020
$42 on Drop, $49 on Amazon... Is saving $7 really worth all this shipping trouble and slowness?
Oct 4, 2020
Does anyone that have these have trouble with keeping the ear buds on the IEM? I think I've lost one of them already. They pull off really easy
Sep 8, 2020
I'm excited to try these out; I hope they ship on time! I went with the basic (non-Pro) as I don't think I want tons of treble in the mix.
Aug 31, 2020
I watched the zeos review just in time to catch this drop. Cant fuckin wait to get these considerinng my only IEMs were ones rhat have come with my Samsung Note phones lol.
Aug 30, 2020
Received my T2’s yesterday and found that the cable isn’t the clear ends as in the picture, which not really an issue. But the right side connector is faulty and there is no sound. Confirmed this with a different, working cable and there is audio in both ears. Has anyone else experienced this?
Oct 31, 2020
We experienced the same thing with regard to the T2: defective on one of the IEMs, and it wasn't the cable, because we replaced that and experienced the same thing. We reached out to Linsoul for warranty support, and they (Justin) wanted us to ship the defective IEMs back to Shenzhen in Guangdong. Not prepaid shipping, mind you. At our paid expense. For a MANUFACTURING and QUALITY CONTROL issue. In our particular case, we were at the 42 day mark after delivery when the issue began. Thankfully, we reached out to Drop.com support, who provided a prepaid shipping for an RMA. We were only able to receive a refund, not a replacement, as the Drop was already over. Drop policy is 30 days after delivery. But you can request an escalation, and someone from Drop Community Leadership should contact you to discuss further options. As far as Linsoul support goes, I would say a fair assessment is they (and it was only Jessie we dealt with) have extremely limited skills in English. It makes support very frustrating, as there is a huge communication barrier. Case in point: we've replied to Jessie no less than FOUR TIMES that Drop accepted an RMA and processed a refund for our defective T2 IEMs. Here is Linsoul's latest reply: "We are sorry that these things happen to make you in trouble. We will be there to help you resolve this issue. We understand your concerns, but please help to also understand that this is international shopping and we have put the warranty information on the campaign page too. Please kindly check the attached details. we will not undertake any shipping fee if you ship back to us for replacement." Linsoul is still requesting we ship the defect T2 IEMs back. The ones we already sent back to Drop and received a refund for. Which we told Linsoul about FOUR TIMES. I've given up trying to explain it to Jessie. We won't be purchasing anything from Linsoul or TINHIFI in the future. Which rather sucks, as we've been happy with many of their products. But that level of a lack of customer appreciation can't be ignored. Just know who you're getting into bed with, people. For products up to a certain price point you don't expect to have a warranty, it's probably fine to buy Linsoul or TINHIFI. Anything else, do your research.
Aug 25, 2020
I wish when these came up the options were T2, T2 Pro, T2 Plus.
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Dec 5, 2020