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Tripowin Cencibel IEM

Tripowin Cencibel IEM

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Product Description
Like the name implies, Tripowin’s Cencibel IEM takes all the sonic sensibilities you’re after and showcases them in an impressive earphone package that’s not insensitive to your budget. Centering on a 9.8-millimeter nano-carbon graphene driver—that Tripowin has chosen because of its impressive consistency across the spectrum—this IEM goes for the simple, crossover-free approach with power and fullness for all the nuances in your music Read More

Jan 6, 2023
I enjoy Drop and many of the offerings where they do obtain a discount. As such I am considering this to support Drop. I do enjoy making fun of millennials that write copy, as the Crossover in this offering has been simplified by using a single driver.
Jan 5, 2023
Why are things like this even here? I paid the same at elsewhere with two day shipping and problem free returns. What is the benefit of not saving anything and also having to wait much much longer?
Jan 5, 2023
mrcrunch08I guess that's why massdrop removed the mass from their name, it's no longer really based on a group buy cost reduction type model...
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