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Varmilo Koi Large Stitched Desk Mats

Varmilo Koi Large Stitched Desk Mats

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Product Description
Spanning nearly 3 feet wide, these Varmilo desk mats provide plenty of space for your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. Made with a smooth cloth-top surface and stitched edges, they’re optical-sensor friendly and smooth as butter—whether you use them for gaming, work, or play Read More

Sep 21, 2020
do these come in a bag? just big on collecting mousepads and love having bags for them
Jan 4, 2020
So, nothing in a nice pinstripe or tartan plaid then?
Jan 9, 2020
RayFsince when are you looking at mk?
Jan 9, 2020
oberman Must have been doing a search for "Yoga mats" or something ?
I'm grabbing this just to have a desk mat that can match the Koi wrist rest that I just bought here. :D
Jan 3, 2020
the weebs are at it again
Oct 11, 2019
These are beautiful. Really can’t get people getting all excited about anime breast writing its nsfw and gender demeaning, i mean, how hypocritical for us to see so much violence in tv, movies and even news and then bitch about seeing exposed cartoon breasts (yeah, that nourishing, life giving part of the woman anatomy). I wonder how much lower could the politically correct dialog have to deteriorate for us to get a grip...
Jan 5, 2020
With all due respect kittykatmax, there is no correlation what-so-ever between an artistic representation and women being objectified. And please explain how not allowing me to even HAVE an opinion is not gender discrimination, the very same thing you resent so much? And finally, I resent you telling me what I understand and do not understand. you do not know me and do not know anything about me. having such a strong opinion about someone only because of his\her gender is also gender bias, isn't it?
Dec 11, 2020
Y.RotemPerhaps you should practice what you preach? How do you know what anyone else is choosing to consume via media/entertainment options? might surprise you to know most of us grew out of regarding tacky boob pics exciting during high school.
kittykatmaxSo, I guess we need to revise history and make sure the hundreds of celebrated artists from the renaissance who chose to "objectify" women in their art are called out for the misogynistic pigs that they were. All that art should really be burned, to be honest. We can't let history continue to oppress women. Now that I'm done ranting, let's face it. Women are more pleasing to look at. I know you're going to accuse me of being swayed by hormones or some such, but look at things objectively. Women are, on average, genetically more likely to have soft, flowing curves than men. Humanity, whether by our evolutionary imperitives to associate those traits with a more likely chance of passing on our genes, or some other reason with which I'm not creative enough to come up, find those to be pleasing and beautiful. I'm not a woman, so I guess you can go ahead and argue that men's sharp, lumpy, hard features are more beautiful to women, but given the appreciation of art that women have shown over the centuries I'm going to have a hard time believing you. I'm not even arguing that women aren't objectified extremely often. I'm just saying that it would be best to give an artist the benefit of the doubt. Commercials, fashion, porn, the desktop wallpaper choices of men, and the random sketches by high school boys during math class are obviously going to be examples of the objectification of women, but things created for the purpose of adding a touch of art to our lives shouldn't be lumped in with those examples unless the artist has been shown to act in a way that would suggest he/she meant to represent the female form in that fashion. I think in this case, if they had meant to objectify women, they would have avoided giving her the fish eyes and scales. As it stands, the "woman" in the image isn't exactly attractive.
Oct 10, 2019
Ah man, just after I received my Varmilo whale one
Jul 31, 2019
How's the material ?? I've only and has only been using gaming mouse mats. Zowie, HyperX, Steelseries QCK. I'm quite " fussy " about my mouse and aim, so I don't want a bad mouse mat to hinder my gameplay. Meaning I don't want to buy a mouse mat ending up being a paper weight....I do get some China ones, just to lay on top my desk for my KB, my mouse is using a separate mat by itself... But this being 900mm I would need to use this mat for my mouse as well...

Jul 27, 2019
This is a scam u can get this on varmillo website for 11.
Aug 10, 2019
But the shipping in Finland is 70€
Oct 10, 2019
tehscrub38Yup- if you're in the US MKkeyboards has a few of the colors in stock for $20 shipped. I would rather save a few bucks AND not have to wait until next year to get it.
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