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xDuoo MU-603 Bluetooth DAC and Tube Pre-Amp

xDuoo MU-603 Bluetooth DAC and Tube Pre-Amp

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Product Description
The xDuoo MU-603 is a Bluetooth preamp and DAC combo that delivers a modern feature set in a handsome desktop package. The preamp side is powered by a single 12AU7 preamp tube to add organic sweetness to your sounds—and because xDuoo has included a cutout in the metal chassis to expose the tube, you’ll always see why your audio sounds so good, too Read More

Mar 13, 2023
Exactly, not looking for a pre amp only the distortion, the reason I want it is because that distortion really gives it an analog ambience as well as decay that I've never found in really sweet sounding digital setups. My Cambridge CXC with DAC Magic Plus gives me all the dead quite black background I need if I want it;-)
Mar 11, 2023
This is not a preamp, it is a tube-buffered Bluetooth DAC that uses a 12AU7 tube in a "starved mode", i.e. underpowered heater's plate. It will add some tube distortion to color the sound (if you're into a distortion of the sound).
Mar 10, 2023
A friend ordered one of these off AliExpress and man does it work so well on his $20K plus setup! He got his for $99 and by what I heard coming off his Hiby was just fantastic. I can't pass this one up for $70 bones, currently use a XQ-50 Pro in my rig.
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