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Xduoo XD-05 Plus DAC/Amp

Xduoo XD-05 Plus DAC/Amp

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Product Description
Building on the success of the highly regarded Xduoo XD-05—a DAC/amp that changed the game with its versatile desktop-to-pocket portability—the Xduoo XD-05 Plus keeps old favorites while adding a host of new features. New on the XD-05 Plus are an AK4493EQ DAC and XMOS XU208 USB chipset to improve sound quality, as well as onboard USB-C ports to update connectivity Read More

Customer Reviews

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75% would recommend to a friend
Nov 27, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
So powerful sounds so good
Sounds so good, especially with muse02 op amps. Love the i/o
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Nov 16, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Great sound in small package
First of all I really like the knob and the toggles. It's fun to use and they're made really nice. It has enough power for all of my over ear headphones (6xx, sundara, elegia and fostex t50) and even most of my iems sounds great with it (few has background noise with it, probably due to sensitivity, like hidizs ms2). The bass boost actually sounds good to my surprise. I like it a lot with my sundara, and for some songs I use the bass toggle which is a nice bonus. Only downside is that it's heavier than I thought and I still prefer to take dongle dac outside with me. So I mainly use it at home.

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Nov 6, 2023
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Died after a few months of light use
Sounded pretty well for the money. Plenty of power for HD6xx, Arya Stealth/Organic. Nice noise floor. Unfortunately, it failed to turn on today. I first thought that the battery was dead(it was supposed to be around 60%). Then I noticed that the charging light on the back panel is not turning on. the sad part, I have always used the unit indoors and probably had 100 hours on it, tops. Now I need to figure how to get it repaired under the warranty.
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Aug 5, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Great device at this price
First, I'd like to mention that I'm really happy with the way Drop handled my order. Delivery in a week across the ocean. Pretty good, huh? Secondly, the device itself is excellent. I was pleasantly surprised that both power and PC/smartphone ports are USB-C. The XD-05 Plus is powerful just as the manufacturer claims. The SQ is great as well, the XD-05 Plus sounds spacious and relaxed (laid-back?), but when the occasion calls for it it can deliver great, very well-controlled and powerful bass response. At last some of my more demading open-backed headphones exhibit the kind of bass response that is more typical of closed-back HPs. The ATH-AD900X packs quite a wallop with the Xduoo. Deep, well-controlled and powerful. The same with the HD560S. The overall sound signature is slightly cold with the bass boost switched off, but gets warmer with the bass boost switched on. Important notes about the traits of this device: 1. with the bass boost switched off the sound lacks a little bass, with it switched on the bass gets too prominent and EQ is necessary to tone it down a notch; 2. It's seems that charging this device while powered on is not a great idea, it uses excessive amounts of energy then and charges at an infinitesimal rate; 3. the BT add-on for this device is no longer available, in order to use bt you have to buy a separate BT DAC (receiver) like the Topping BC3.
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Jun 25, 2023
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Products and quality
Just received XDOO5 Plus tested on my HiFi headphone sound output was excellent Bass and treble can hear separately if possible recommend friend to buy
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Jun 20, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Love it so far!!
First of all, this is a solid metal machine, so a pleasure to hold in hand and one can tell it is made with quality in mind. I haven't had a chance to use it extensively yet, but thus far, it is just great! I love the adjustments that one can make to bolster the sounds coming from various sources. Very smooth and pleasant, non fatiguing until now. For the price I paid for it, this has to be one of the better deals I've made this year on HIFI gear!
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Jun 20, 2023
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Really nice DAC
XD05 Plus is really nice DAC/AMP with good set of functionalities and capabilities for its price range. The only cons to me is that it cannot use same port for data and cahrge as well as it cannot be switched the battery off and use it as "constantly connected" device which could shortedn the batteryy life significantly if the charge circuit is not "intelligent" enough but we shall see. Overall, great product for its price!
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Jun 17, 2023
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Rivals my Desktop Gear!
I am just blown away by the sound quality of this portable powerhouse. I have a Rupert Neve Headphone Amp and a Schitt Asgard, and the Xduoo XD-05 plus give both a run for their money. The RNHP is a little clearer and more detailed, and the Asgard more powerful, but the XD-05 plus comes in at a close second to each. It is a perfect match for my Fostex Dekoni Blue, and they sound wonderful together.
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Jun 14, 2023
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Odd I can't adjust the volume via MacOS
This thing is 95% there. I'm using it to drive my Drop Focal headphones and it sounds pretty good. I was surprised to find I can't adjust the volume level using my volume control buttons on the Mac laptop. I get that it's not going to turn the knob but most DACs I set to about 65% vol the use the Mac output to adjust the overall. This just shows the controls disabled so I've been using it with the headphone out instead so it seems kinda lame.
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Sounds awesome!
This thing sounds great for the price and volume is definitely not going to be an issue on anything but the most "insensitive" and higher resistance headphones. Clarity is great, volume is insane, portability... well... it's about the size of a current mobile phone and has this silicon tape to keep it attached to your phone if you want (and that thing really does stick!). Overall, I'd definitely recommend it, particularly at US$139, getting it is pretty much a no-brainer.
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