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Xuelin iHiFi790 Digital Audio Player

Xuelin iHiFi790 Digital Audio Player

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Product Description
Ideally suited for your portable listening needs, the Xuelin iHiFi790 digital audio player measures just 2.4 by 2 by 0.6 inches—tiny enough to fit into even the smallest pockets. But don’t be fooled by its size: the iHiFi790 doesn’t fall short when it comes to audiophile specs Read More

May 10, 2019
Remember folks, never be fooled by DAC specs and outputs such as balanced :) they are used more for marketing purposes nowadays. In audio, implementation is key, not specs.
May 10, 2019
They might be Drop Bots but somehow three people have ordered this. Just an FYI, you could get a far surperior Fiio M3K for less and faster...
Aug 10, 2020
UnolordOkay where are the measurements to support that?
May 8, 2019
Guess they built this for people with small lossless music collections or people who still have 128k mp3's they got off Limewire or Kazaa...
May 7, 2019
This is a big no for me. While the DAC seems fine the limited amount of space to store my lossless files is sad.
May 7, 2019
This makes me sad. Drop: go talk to Sandisk and get them to produce something like the Sansa Clip Plus again, only this time shipping the Rockbox open firmware. It's the size of a matchbox, has a handy spring clip to attach it to clothing, excellent sound quality, 14-15 hours of playback per charge, and it has physical buttons for everything so you can pause, play, skip tracks or go back, adjust the volume all without looking at it. And the microSD slot will take 256GB cards without a problem. And there's a decent FM radio. Used ones in good condition go for more than their original list price; a new-in-box goes for 4-5x original list.
May 7, 2019
I've had this player for a about 8 months now. No support and so many issues. I've reviewed so many music players on Head-Fi over the years and this is by far the worst one. Consent freezes and skipping. Just an awful player. Instead of going over all the faults, please trust my advise and avoid buying this.
Gee, a whopping 8 GB capacity. I think "Drop"' forgot to add the following since this appears to be a great player from about 1980. "And for added convenience, it easily connects to your IBM PC/XT via a DB25 serial cable. This makes it simple and painless to copy your music files from the PC's 10 Megabyte hard drive. " (Yeah, you youngsters don't remember the old days when you were King Shit of Turd Hill if you had the $300 10 MEGAbyte hard drive instead of just two floppy drives).
May 6, 2019
Is this a real drop??? LOL, WTF.
May 6, 2019
No external SD, no deal! Just don't copy Apple's practice.
May 6, 2019
does it support bluetooth?
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