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ADV. Sleeper Wireless Noise-Canceling Sleep Earphones

ADV. Sleeper Wireless Noise-Canceling Sleep Earphones

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Product Description
The Sleeper Noise-Canceling Earphones from ADV. are a cozy offering from a brand that specializes in use-case-specific headphones and earphones Read More

Jan 13, 2023
Not good at all. They fixed the low power noise issue but they just don't fit well, are bulky, don't sound good, and are generally completely outclassed by 1more comfobuds z's, which I've been using for the last year and still love. Avoid these. They suck big-time for side sleepers like me. Get 1more comfobuds mini's if you're a back sleeper and comfobuds Z's if you're a side sleeper, the Z's are microscopic and stay put. Also no different tips or wings to make them fit is absurd, and as far as I can tell they don't actually have ANC. They block substantially less noise than my comfobuds Z's do when they power off and just become earplugs after 2-3 hours.
Nov 9, 2022
I really want something like this, but the tiny, single wing just doesn’t seem like enough to hold them in my ear especially all night. Had they made the tips like the Bose Sleepbuds (or numerous other knockoffs), I’d have ordered them by now.
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