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Astell&Kern XB10 Bluetooth DAC/Amp

Astell&Kern XB10 Bluetooth DAC/Amp

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Product Description
We’d all like to improve the sound quality coming from our smartphones, but with traditional portable DAC/amps come additional cables that get in the way. Not so with the Astell&Kern XB10: a small circular device that wirelessly transmits audio data from your smartphone via Bluetooth Read More

Jul 23, 2020
Great product when it works . The battery life is abysmal. Will Drop send a replacement - I wish
Aug 29, 2019
would i be able to use this 24/7 on my home speakers like a chromecast audio?
Oct 3, 2019
oatmealcrunchI guess you could if you kept it plugged in on USB, if your speakers are active speakers with built-in amplification and if they have an auxiliary imput and you have the right cable.
Jul 31, 2019
I have an iPhone X and use BGVP DMS IEM’s. The sound is good but looking for a bit more. If I use this portable DAC/AMP FROM MY iPhone, will it at least improve my sound and will I hear a slight upgrade in that sound?
Jul 30, 2019
I'd be willing to throw in if it had a larger battery; 5 hours is not enough for me. I'd be willing to put up with larger physical footprint but it'd need to be at least double the life. I need to get through a full day plus commute. 10 hours. It'd also be nice if there was a version with 1/4" jack to avoid using adapters.
Jul 29, 2019
No bluetooth output? In other words, I'm getting the impression that this only works with wired headphones — is that correct? This phrase is the source of the confusion for me. I understand that it receives wirelessly, but does it transmit wirelessly or doesn't it? ッ

Aug 13, 2019
WigdaddyIt is purely a bluetooth receiver, and a very good one at that, to be used with wired headphones and IEMs.
Jul 24, 2019
How is background noise? Is there any hiss? Are volume steps small?
Jul 27, 2019
Thank you
Aug 13, 2019
nelahI get a noticeable hiss when using my Noble X IEMs with the XB10. I get no hiss with my 1More Quads. However, the music sounds so good that I use it with the Noble Xs all the time.
Jun 5, 2019
Ok Drop asked me to write about the Ak Xb10.Its always been amazing and as usual Ak comes up with a hyper cool featherweigjt(about 1 oz) black orb rhat unlike Ak players feels like it could break anytime.Ive had the same one since they were over $200 at launch.Its a black amazingly well designed apt x rrady dac,powe4ing all iems to very high clear crisp volumes and having used it woth only Ak120ii and all the other Ak70's etc makes the Ak player even better which is a bit unusual(very unusual for almost any amp especially this one from way back in time.I have no need for any otjer amp when this very small black flying saucer can and does fit into and can if youre not aware dissapear because its black ,very small and even though it obviuosly is jam packed with all needed features-no gimmicks and almost immediately you intuitively know all about it.Anyway $50 is a tiny price for what amounts to a wonderfully even now fururistic amp +++ that even has a balanced option rhat actually makes hearing rhis rhing run wirh most any wored,much bigger gear on the same level as an ea4 studio which is the only one rhat i would now buy if all now 3 Xb10's deacided ro dly off and go inter galactic ro be a good ambassodor and show whatever's out there that we are much more advanced rhan we appear.This is the first maybe last "review"i may ever .I now have 2 new Xb10's sealed and if you understandibly skeptixql i will sell the community only 1 new one for $80 because unless you're very reckless and somehow need some crazy feature like a designated app for an iem/headphone amp-then with almost zero thought or care this is one for the ages.Only 1 little caution it's easy for it to go hide and be lost,.A 1oz baby black orb may seek a break sometime from you and may hope you biy another amp becauae its no fun being the only game in your little.musical world..If tou dont beieve this revoew shoot for the moon and spend $80 and probably not beloeve this lotlle black saucer wasnt created by some Nasa engineers who designed it and gave to the boys and girls who need rheir musix fix to look like and function like all the rest of their space cowboy toys..Thx!
Jun 6, 2019
xuantan14Sorry but my phone decides the spelling.It makes a mockery of its life's work of proper spelling.My review gets distorted by all of the above.The Xb10 lives in a land of its very own where a very small bit of black plastic is so powerful that it's 1 oz weight shouldn't even drive any but the low hanging devices with virtualy no impedance yet this one drives bones that prompts the owner to buy some high cost Dragon slayer amp to do what an Xb10 somehow defies the visual it has and it is tuned by the engineers at Astell who have such high standards that if they dare give the market anything less than a mind blowing ride and makes all they come out a best in class-a class of their own.When hearing the unmistakeable Ak sound pouring out of this little near invisible dac amp and are stunned by the apt x codec that makes this blue tooth device sound as good as virtually all other wired alternatives-more often way better-you just know that this little thing makes a mockery of what is seemingly near impossible to a forever sense of awe that you must give in to it and know that anything named Xb and then 10 is. a name suitable to rocket ships that make their living putting out such overwhelming power and gets super sonic in seconds and blows straight through all forces he'll bent on taming all comers.This is a rocket ship for all items that will and does blow past virtually all others and does so with style and finesse though capable to blow out an eardrum if you wish it to be such a brute.Also phone calls are are crystal clear and the the easily mastered way it does it inspires a quick confidence.It immediately was a go to amp without peer and may always remain in that spot for reasons that defy and blow past any reasoned logic and designed to watch you watching it and be no less than an unlikely very elegant bunch of power wither finesse of a thoroughbred always on call to do the job of pushing the envelope with uncanny style grace and a visual unlike any other now as well as back to 2016 and we'll beyond 2026.
May 14, 2019
My new phone is the first with bluetooth aptX HD, and my XB10 is the only device capable of receiving that. I didn't anticipate much difference compared to regular aptX .... but there sure was one! Well, not with all recordings of course, but the ones with a lot of acoustic zing sound even better, with so much more 'air'. Positively surprised. Yes, the XB10 still has tiny flimsy buttons, volume control increments are kinda huge, but sound is awesome.
May 7, 2019
how is this compare to the filo BTR3 ?
May 6, 2019
Anyone knows what happens if I throw to it 24-96 files? The chip supports only up to 24-48
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