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Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level Portable Speaker

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level Portable Speaker

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Product Description
The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level speaker is equal parts portable powerhouse and elegant, at-home listening. That’s by design—the Level is a gorgeous, flat-panel speaker enclosure that features a host of wood-toned grill colors you can choose from to match your setup Read More

Customer Reviews

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Nov 9, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
So i never planned to get the WiFi version...
So my biggest complaint with this guy, is if you have the mic off, every time you turn it on, it will tell you the mic is off and you should turn it on... and there is no way to turn this announcement off. Secondly, the sub-bass output from this thing is impressive given the size. The app is beautiful and the inclusion of Internet radio preset button on the device is lovely, I just wish I could preset them to a playlist on Spotify or something similar. There is too much Deezer in the mobile app. Seriously, you need to sign into a deezer account to get access to the "Music Tab" in the app. I can also not find anywhere on the speaker itself to switch inputs. Only in the app itself. The thing takes forever to charge. The included power adapter has this interesting magnetic clasp to attach it to the speaker, but its a little fiddly not always seating properly to establish a connection to start charging. That said there is an actual USB C port behind it on the speaker directly, so you can just plug the usb c cable in there directly, but on a premium piece of gear like this... that's a huge no. Also, the power adapter can push up to 45 watts, but i don't know if a USBC power delivery charger from anker or otherwise could be used to charge this given how much of a wall wart the stock charger is. That's another thing, for this price, a vertical wall wart, or one with a pig tail would have been appreciated to cut down on the obstructing of power outlets. WiFi performance is super snappy. I mean, hot damn, spotify and google cast connect pretty much instantaneously. Soundwise, the Level can play flat out and not distort even a tiny bit. This thing can push out power and detail at all volumes. My Edifier could never hope to do this. Build and fit and finish are amazing aside from my issues with the charger. The touch controls are also fantastic. Very responsive and precise despite being touch. I wish pressing the power button quickly would show me in some way that the speaker is in standby or off completely. It isn't always clear. The LEDs aren't always obvious. Pressing and holding should and does fully power it down, but with this, you can't remotely cast to it. Pressing once quickly should put it in standby, which should allow it to be woken up remotely, however I don't think that is the case. I think for this speaker, standby is just it not playing anything. On battery, it will fully power off eventually. When plugged in, it stays on standby indefinitely. This is my first B&O product, and my first audio purchase of anything in this price range. I hope this totally unstructured and off the cuff review is of value to someone out there. =================== To the B&O guys who might be reading this, please give us an option to remove that annoying prompt letting the user know the mic is off or to connect to WiFi for google cast functionality. Lastly, using the preset buttons for a sleep timer would be awesome (i always set one for 60 mins).
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