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Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Limited-Edition Black

Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Limited-Edition Black

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Product Description
While many headphones make you choose between an open- and closed-back construction, the Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro splits the difference with a semi-open design that allows for increased airflow and a wider soundstage. It brings full depth and excitement to the entire range, with a smooth, extended treble; a transparent, detailed midrange; and a punchy, layered bass Read More

Sep 10, 2021
Damn….. (well these are now way below my league when you have the likes of the LCD-4, LCDi4, etc.) However the DT880s were always great sounding headphones, (even after I acquired an HD800), particularly through higher end tube amps (which I’m not exactly fond of; I much prefer solid state like my custom Beta22/Sigma22 build)…. HOWEVER, the DT880 600ohm version were the prize! These are 250ohm and I didn’t care for those very much through tube or solid state amps. If these were 600ohm and came with detachable balanced cables (4-pin mini XLR, preferably) I’d be intrigued, as long as they had relatively high sensitivity, like 96 or > since my 105lb. combined Amp/Power supply chassis (fixed set to low gain of 2 on the 4 amp PCBs, which can drive the LCD-4 200ohm to extremely loud levels when my DACT stepped attenuator with remote control motor drive is at 21/24, and it could destroy the HD800 300ohm with >102dB sensitivity at 18/24, and the low gain of 2 keeps a cleaner signal with zero noise, but I probably should have done 5 to use with all headphones). But I’d mainly use them for my portable rig (iPhone 12 Pro Max > ddHiFi custom FiiO configured Lightning to micro-usb cable, and because the Q5S amp modules have a stupid upside down micro-usb port that pushes its own jack against the headphone plug with an L-shaped connector, which is the only kind that comes in 50cm whereas the straight connector cables are only 8cm and not long enough to keep the phone and DAC side by side, only the phone on top of it > FiiO Q5S balanced DAC/balanced Amp, with the standard AM3E amp module (do not trust their T5 Torx screw marking; they custom-machined their own T4.5 size screw so either a T4 or T5 professional Wiha German Torx driver can strip them easily, and I had to buy 10 additional screws from them for $10) replaced to the FiiO AM3D THX AAA-78 balanced amp > 4.4mm carbon fiber balanced plug with solid silver braided wire to a 4-pin female XLR > my custom terminated 4-pin male XLR on Audeze’s own custom $400 1.2m precision braided OCC cable that you can buy separately, or which came with my > Audeze LCDi4 planar-magnetic IEMs. Audiophile heaven. But it’s really a shame that FiiO has no iOS app to control the roll off filters or EQ it, like it’s 4x cheaper cousin, the $99 RadSone ES100 mk1 or mk2, a portable balanced 24-bit DAC/Amp with 3.5mm single ended and 2.5mm balanced outputs and Bluetooth 5.0, and it’s the size of a 9V battery!! Because the ES100 does have a superb iOS app to control it, it can even calculate dB level output given its power and the ohms (which you input) that it’s driving, plus a host of other extremely useful features! it’s the best iOS controller app for a DAC/Amp I’ve ever used!! • The unit also has the ability to double the single ended output’s current to match that of a balanced output (but of course without the benefit that balanced offers). Sadly, because it’s only the size of a 9V battery, it doesn’t have much power and is best for BA IEMs and sounds great with them, with maybe 90mW @ 32 ohms, and that’s being gracious – in balanced mode. It still has enough battery power to function for 8-9 hours, AND is able to connect directly to an iPhone with the Apple CCK (USB-2, or the USB-3 one which somehow sounds better) OTG adapter, and then just a USB-A to Micro-USB cable to plug into the ES100! The only difference with the mk2 is that the lights are brighter, it has a dark navy blue instead of a gray/black color like the mk1, and a better belt clip. All the internals are the same. Personally, I find the mk1 to be the better unit because the buttons for power, track up/down, and volume up/down are much sturdier!! And this isn’t a fluke — even though you’re not likely to use any button except the power button as you can do the rest from your phone, the mk2 buttons shake & rattle around like loose pieces. I know this because I have one of the mk1 units, and 4 of the mk2 units which they kept sending me (3 free) because at least one of the buttons on all of them had a problem. For example, one unit had a button that was so bad that I could turn the volume up but when I pressed the other end of the button to turn down the volume it only worked 1/9 tries. So if the device fits your budget and needs, maybe you can even find a discount and get the mk1 for a ridiculously cheap $75-$85. Even with all those software controls, does it sound as good as the Q5S + THX amp module (approx. $530)? No, of course not. The amp module is a beast and the Q5S DAC uses two of the best Asahi Kasei (AK) DAC ICs. Apparently they even have a new model with USB-C output and a better Bluetooth chipset. I don’t care about the Bluetooth but I wanna see if the new THX amp with usb-c output and ddHiFi’s new 50cm straight plug usb-c will work with mine.
Jan 26, 2021
When will 600ohm version be back
Jan 19, 2021
11:42 AM 1/19/2021 Well, this is embarrassing. My review of the Beyerdynamic DT 880 needs to be revisited. I discovered two flaws. One with the 'phones and one with my perception. I can't do a full redo, but I need to point out the mechanacal flaw in the machining of the adapter. I was doing some comparisons of the Shure SRH 1840 and the DT 880 when I happened to slightly torque the adapter of the DT 880 while it was plugged in and audio was playing. Something dramatic happened. It took some time to determine the adapter was allowing both the right and left channel to connect together inside the adapter. This results in mono and a difficult load for the amp as the channels are now connected together. The temporary fix is to slightly unscrew the adapter. This is poor quality of an apparently simple part, the 'phones are very different now. I am really embarrassed that I did not recognize the sound was mono. It is entirely possible the Cavelli Tube Hybrid was shutting down due to the short between channels. I'll redo the listening test when I can, but wanted to get this out here as soon as possible. Scott
Needs to be 600 ohm. Needs to have 1/4 inch jack. This is,(without those), LowFi. sorry. jus’fax.
Aug 17, 2021
The 880 600 ohms is rated for 100mw. Any higher you are just making the cup runneth over. The headphone sounds true with an amp that has 100 ohm output impedance, with tighter low end that doesnt bloat the mids. This is why a lot of people pair it with tubes or beyer's own high impedance amps and why it sounds "meh" on a 789 or like you mentioned, the A90 even.
Aug 17, 2021
KinematicatV280 has an extremely low OI, but the 880s sound great. Also, I've heard from several people that 880 sounds better out of various amps after modding them to take a balanced cable. I'm not saying it's causal, but balanced circuits frequently have double the rated power, which is consistent with higher rated power correlating with better sound.
Jan 14, 2021
Do these ship from Europe area ? Not really interested if shipping is from outside EU with added custom expenses, fee & Vat. Thanks
Jan 14, 2021
OlsenNever mind, answer myself, ..found them inside EU, similar priced and fast delivery with no added tax, fees etc. I don't care about color "limited" edition. MassDrop still not very good at Europe deliveries. over and out.
Nov 21, 2020
I got these last week and after just two days the left driver went dead. I contacted drop and beyer USA (I live in Egypt, so returning them is not cheap). Beyer told me it’s a failed driver which sometimes happen. I’m so disappointed. Any solution? Can I change the driver?
Jan 1, 2021
Oh wow, thats really awesome! Im glad that you dont have to pay huge shipping fees to recieve products. Is the transition from brick and mortar stores to online shopping a big inconvience for people in other countries? Or is there not as much transition there?
Jan 1, 2021
JaalanThere is of course, in Egypt it substantial but still not like developed countries, still we are way to go, especially so that we don’t have such products readily available like hifi and other sophisticated electronic products, but household products could be bought on line and shipped to your home.
Nov 19, 2020
Pls bring back 600 ohm!
Oct 23, 2020
Cheaper and faster on Thomann. I don't use Amazone, cause of their politics...
Jan 16, 2021
Oct 23, 2020
I just don't get it..why would anyone want to buy these, and wait a month or more for them, when they can go to amazon, very likely, get a better price, free shipping, and have them in their hands in 2 days or less? Like the DT770's, there is no incentive, at all, to get someone to choose to get them through Drop. They are the exact same cans, there is no cost savings, maybe even a tad bit more expensive than the B&D price on Amazon. The only real difference, is having to wait a month for them to arrive, or get them elsewhere, possibly save money, and receive them with no delay. Is the CEO smoking crack or anything? His understanding of the basic business aspect simply makes no sense. Maybe an intervention, is in may save his life. Tell him/her, "It works, if you work it".
Oct 23, 2020
shkdwnstThese are actually $220 on Amazon US right now, so not an awful deal.
Oct 10, 2020
Any chance these will be available in 600 ohm again?
Oct 24, 2020
yup! Sadly not available though...
Aug 17, 2021
Whoa I got this from a guy who modded for dual sided cable and sold it wayyy back, didnt think i would find the product page here. Too bad its hard to find individual parts for the MANUFAKTUR outside of the EU, the leather headband is impossible to find.
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