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Beyerdynamic FOX USB Studio Microphone

Beyerdynamic FOX USB Studio Microphone

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Product Description
The FOX Studio Microphone from Beyerdynamic is the easiest way to bring crisp, focused audio to your voice right out of the box. Like Beyerdynamic’s impressive lineup of headphones, the FOX puts a focus on craftsmanship and resolution—delivering 24-bit, 96 kilohertz audio in a rugged cylinder capsule that sits right on your desktop Read More

Mar 16, 2023
Sooooo… what’s the word on these??? Been waiting for news on my order for months. Drop??? Hello???
May 25, 2023
Yeah, I was told the following after asking like 10 times: "It is highly unlikely that this run will be cancelled at this point. If our logistics team thought that we would never be able to provide this item to our customers, it would have been cancelled earlier on. This will ship out eventually, I just do not know the exact date." So... more than 4 months of delay and still waiting... this is starting to look like a GMK group buy.
Jun 28, 2023
cvillaOrdered on: December 7th 2022 Estimated shipping date: January 19th 2023 Canceled and refunded: June 23rd 2023 Not even an option to keep waiting. I ordered a bunch of accessories (e.g. boom arm and IEMs) to use with this thing that I can stick where the sun doesn't shine now. This microphone has been available virtually everywhere in the meantime (for $10-20 more), but the order was canceled with this BS message: Unfortunately, we have been unable to confirm the exact delivery date and the Beyerdynamic FOX USB Studio Microphone has become back-ordered. Nothing short of a scam. Buyers beware. Last Drop product run for me.
Dec 5, 2022
The product description seems to lack the fact that there is a low/high gain switch on the back of the microphone that allows you to switch between the noted -15 and -33 dBFS. This was also $149.00 at the original 2018 release according to the Beyerdynamic website. This current price is actually $10 cheaper than directly from Beyerdynamic or Amazon, so shipping is the only thing to compare here. TLDR: The microphone itself sounds great and has a usable front interface, but you should ditch the included stand for a microphone arm, and make sure to buy a 3/8" male to 5/8" female mic screw adapter since it is threaded at 3/8". The windshield will probably break if you take it off often or bump into it hard, but I have some alternatives listed below.
I have this microphone and it can be pretty nice but probably not right out of the box. The front audio port has imperceptible latency for hearing your own voice, and the mix knob paired with the volume knob allows you to have all of your audio control right on the microphone if you plan to use the headphone port. This is great for monitoring your voice for recordings in real-time and lets you hear that the sound quality is pretty good. Of course, the volume and mix knobs work as expected, allowing on-the-fly balancing between your own voice and computer audio. Actually, it is also compatible with the Playstation 5 as well, although you would need to be sitting near the console to plug into it with the included microphone cable and use it comfortably. This was more of a gimmick for me though, and I never tried it again after testing that it worked and sounded good to others. The microphone could be used on other devices because it has no software to download. Unfortunately, the two gain settings will require you to either be very close to the microphone (~2 inches or less) for proper low-gain audio or have a nearly silent room to avoid picking up background audio or typing on high-gain. Therefore, the included stand is pretty useless. I bought mine with a microphone arm though in a bundle, and I recommend that you do the same if you decide to buy this. Make sure to purchase a 3/8" male to 5/8" female mic screw adapter if you buy a microphone arm threaded at 5/8", as the mic is threaded in 3/8". The included wind filter broke after about 3 months of my using it normally, but accidentally getting out of my chair and having it spin into the windshield, breaking one side of the plastic connector tabs. I wouldn't say the chair was even spinning very fast, but I knew it snapped the second I heard it. Two alternative pop filters I bought and work great are: ◉ Rode WS2 Microphone Pop Filter/Wind Shield ($20/$17.40 on sale as of writing, full foam cover) ◉ PEMOTech Metal Mesh & Foam & Etamine Layer Mic Windscreen ($15/$11 on sale, similar to original filter) The Rode WS2 pop filter is honestly better than the included windscreen or the PEMOTech windscreen. The reason for this is that the Rode WS2 slightly covers the bright orange mute button light. This is nice because when the microphone is muted, it blinks to let you know, and my god is it distracting. Overall, I would say it's a decent microphone but do your own research. While the price is certainly much more compelling now, the market is always changing, and you'll want to buy some additional stuff to go with it. It's also incredibly fun switching into high gain to become way too loud for comedic purposes while talking in voice calls. Also, this bendy part that comes with the microphone and screws into the bottom is kinda neat to get different angles on the mic.

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