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BGVP DX3s Earbuds

BGVP DX3s Earbuds

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Product Description
An updated version of the BGVP DX3, the DX3s features a high-resolution 15-millimeter driver that delivers transparent sound and a large soundstage. This model is built with an open-structure design, the back part of the shell left open to allow the sound to be more expansive Read More

May 15, 2019
Late reply since I nearly forgot about these earbuds. The speaker shroud in BOTH units fell out after 2 weeks of usage. These have been collecting dust since them. Based on other reviews here and the issues with mine, I heavily recommend never buying these.
Mar 14, 2019
I made a video review about them. Personally, I see a few too many users having issues to be able to recommend them easily, I'drather go with Linsoul BLD Earbuds at this moment.
Sep 24, 2018
i bought it another on-line site, Sound was really good(i like it), but connection point was bad, like this~ i got a one unit from seller. now i can`t dis-connect, cause worry about to broken again. connection point is too tight!!
Sep 18, 2018
Do these earbuds come with a mic?
Oct 4, 2018
vaccThey do with the stock cable
Sep 16, 2018
Less than two weeks of using one, it broke on me. The sound was good though. The earbuds just snapped near their cable connection point.
Aug 7, 2018
Received mine. To my surprise this came with a mic. It's somewhat a pain when hooking it to other sources than smartphones (can't plug it all the way in - need to buy TRRS to TRS adapter probably). These are easy on the ears, no piercing treble and vocals are quite prominent. They sound passable but Sennheiser MX 760 is just way ahead. These work as decent sounding handsfrees form my phone.
Jul 29, 2018
I just received mine and I was surprised at how flat they sounded. Overall they sound fine but nothing exceptional. I A/B tested with the newest Apple earbuds and I have to say, I like them better. I will burn the DX3's in for a day or two to see if they improve but so far the sound is good but not great.
Jul 29, 2018
Found this impression from thaiheadphoneclub fb group and its written in thai. I dont know if facebook translation is accurate tho.
Jul 29, 2018
I joined this drop and then found this imagine posted by customers on Aliexpress. Sounds like the connectors could have potential issues. I suggest everyone should at least try disconnecting the cable once after receiving the earphone.
Aug 5, 2018
Thanks, good to know :) How about the sound character and quality?
Aug 5, 2018
William_ShiuIn short, vocal forward with lower bass. I think they are good for the price but wont work for everyone. I left a review a bit ago here. Check there for more details :)
Jul 28, 2018
I was under the impression earbuds can't hold a candle against iems. Will this thing be better than your generic chinese $5 earbuds from the corner store?
Jul 28, 2018
FenrizAnything is better than what you can find in a dollar store.
Earbuds, when done properly, offer a much more expansive sound stage. The airiness they provide give a more natural sound when compared to iems.
Myself, I use the Venture Electronics Monks. They're only 5 bucks and I prefer using them over many of my portable/OTG collection.
FenrizIt's quite a toss-up and you can find some strong opinions favoring one over the other based on everything from listening preferences to fitment. Some very broad generalizations are that IEMs will (with proper fit) isolate better and usually (due to the seal they create) carry greater low-end (at least in quantity - if not always in response). Earbuds (as Yakov already mentioned) usually offer a wider sound stage - often with better positioning - though possibly at the cost of being able to hear certain details until you crank things up (again, simply because of the open design).
For me? Subway, mass-transit, et al. I stick to IEMs for the isolation so I can hear myself think. At work or on a walk outside? Earbuds to enjoy the extra sound stage space and stay aware of my surroundings. Hope that helps.
[Quick edit to say if you aren't sure about earbuds/earphones, the VE Monk+ is a great place to start. Pretty good entry into the world of better sounding earbuds, and at a low enough cost that if the fit/feel/sound doesn't suit you; it isn't a big loss.]
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