CineStill Cs41 Kit for Color Processing at Home
CineStill Cs41 Kit for Color Processing at Home
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Product Description
With the easy-to-use CineStill Cs41 kit, you can process your own color film at home—no darkroom, automated processor, or other special equipment required. The two-bath process features Developer and Blix liquid chemical mixtures, and can be used at a variety of temperatures to process 8 to 12 rolls at a time Read More
  • CineStill Film
  • 2-bath kit
  • Mix liquid chemicals to make 1 quart (combine 3 parts with water)
  • Use standard processing tanks and reels
  • Reusable Developer and Blix for up to 24 rolls of film
  • Long-lasting shelf life with 3-part Developer and Blix mixtures
  • “Stabilizer” rinse aid
  • Flexible processing temperatures
  • Fully archival
  • Dev A 8 oz
  • Dev B 2 oz
  • Dev C 2 oz
  • Blix A 8 oz
  • Blix B 2 oz
  • Blix C 4 oz
  • Stabilizer 2 oz
  • Instructions for machine and hand processing
  • Quick reference card for processing times

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