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Cleer NC Headphones

Cleer NC Headphones

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Don’t let the sounds of your commute interrupt your music. Instead, enjoy every track in near noise-free comfort with the Cleer NC headphones Read More

May 15, 2018
Are these Bluetooth or wired only?
May 12, 2018
Would love to join, but dismayed by the lack of UK shipping... absolute steal at that pricepoint!
May 11, 2018
Huh, those look almost identical to the ones we sell at our store (The Source in Canada) as the brand Headrush. Slightly different colours, but that's about it. Same case, same headband, same cups ect. Im going to guess and say the C shapes on the side glow blue. ($80 is a decent price for them, given what we have them up here for). Although we have 2 slightly different versions.
May 17, 2018
Most on the lower end yes, companies will design a product and instead of selling it themselves, they will sell it to other brands to sell. Very common all over all types of market.
May 17, 2018
Bose has the power to design their own products especially when you are dealing the margins Bose deals with. There isn't a chance even the QC35 IIs cost $400 to make (CAD). Or even half that actually. Bose are detailed, they aren't flat though, I'm not a big fan, and for the money you can get much better bang for buck. Although their noise cancelling is still the best by far, and their support and easy if use adds value
May 11, 2018
I owned a pair of these and traveled a bit with them. I bought them at full price; at $79.99 these are a steal. The material and finish is extremely nice with chrome and brushed metal finishes making competitive Bose and Beats models look cheap by comparison. I used these exclusively on airplanes so my experience is based on use of noise cancellation on and very little world sound mixed in. The treble is very crisp and detailed, fairly defined bass and open sound stage. I favored the sound over my other noise cancelling headphones but I found that they are noticeably heavier than competitive Sony, Bose and Beats models (due to aforementioned nice materials). For Transpacific flights, it was harder to forget they were on my head.
May 11, 2018
These look like an off-brand AKG N60. Form factor and all.
Aug 24, 2017
These arrived fast. Odd shipping box but all is well. Sound great, well built. NR on par with my Bose so I chose just one (I force myself to only have one kind of each, NR, Open, Portable, In Ear, Semi Open, Closed, etc.). So as they are still in new condition, only tested, I have decided to sell these.
Aug 19, 2017
I just received the Cleer NC headphone. Just a minor thing for clarification and perhaps anyone can fill me in. The LED is not changing to "blue light" to show that is fully charged as per the user manual. It has been more than 3 hours already. I just want to ensure that I did not receive a defective product.
Aug 9, 2017
Some day, Massdrop is gonna ship internationally with every drop.
Sadly today isn't that day.
Aug 11, 2017
NicoNicoNiiiiHey, you could start up a mass-drop community in your country like Massdrop did.
Aug 8, 2017
I received mine and was able to kinda track it but not really. The mailman said it was delayed due to confusion about it possibly being COD. Shipping is definitely an issue although this was my first drop so I really have no idea what to expect. I also discovered that the lifeproof case for my Samsung S5 cannot be used with the 1/8 inch jack that the headphones come with since the thickness of the case won't allow the plug to go in far enough to make the connection. So far they work great for cancelling out the extreme road noise my work vehicle makes which is what I was after so I'm satisfied overall. Let's hope the shipping problems get solved soon. No one likes guessing when it comes to getting their merchandise.
Aug 13, 2017
SkutchMy set never did show up. As I deal a lot with shipping and recieving at my company I know the flow on SamrtPost packages very well. The package was at the Fedex hub in my city within a couple of days. The scanned it as being handed off to the USPS the same day. USPS never scanned it into their system. At that point it was lost. I contacted support immediately. It took two days to hear back from them. Massdrop CS seem to have some artificial time before which they will not help you on shipping problems. They claim 3 to 10 working days for delivery, so they will not even try a trace prior to the package being delayed by10 working days. This may make some sense if a package is sent to a distant address in a rural area. But my package was in the city after about three days (2 business days). Once they ran the trace and found the package was lost I asked for a replacement. They declined this and said they would issue a refund. They promise 3 to 5 days for this to happen. So I do not get the headphones and they had my money tied up for close to 6 weeks. I guess this is what it is, but no one ever apologized much less offered something for my trouble.

Then, after they said they couldn't do a replacement, I find these had dropped again... Couldn't they have just offered to send me a set out of this drop?
Massdrop is fine when things work properly and to be fair this is most of the time. Just hope that you don't need help with something. I will need to see a huge deal for something before I use the service again. For what is usually a few bucks more, at least Amazon is responsive and will work with the customer to insure satisfaction.
Aug 14, 2017
MandrakeWell I can say for sure I wouldn't be happy at all if that had happened to me. Sounds like not only did they botch the shipping but the customer relations as well. I had very prompt service when I emailed them about the issue with the jack not working in my phone until I realized it was the case and not the jack. Let's hope your experience was a fluke or that they have recognized a refund alone is not making things right with the customer when you tie up their money for extended periods of time. If they're smart they will figure out a way to make that sort of hassle work out better for the consumer since they have such a slow turn around process on orders. I'd say a discount certificate kind of deal that you could use on any drop you wanted would be a good start. You have to get things, or make them right if you are this slow getting the merchandise to the consumer.
Aug 8, 2017
Why is the current drop limited to US addresses only? It wasn't limited previously.
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