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Dean Guitars Custom Zone II Floyd

Dean Guitars Custom Zone II Floyd

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Product Description
Since 1977, Dean Guitars has manufactured high-quality electric, acoustic, and bass guitars for musicians of all ages and budgets. Available here in three colors, the Custom Zone II Floyd is great for beginners and collectors looking for a fun guitar to play rock on Read More

Mar 28, 2018
Massdrop, why not go for more boutique instruments. This crowd, like myself, seems more like the eurorack crowd, analog synths, Apollo audio intefaces, MOTU, Behringer Model D, Behringer Neutron, Elektron anything, Teenage Engineering, Moog anything, Korg Massdrop Volca analog effects box etc. Go crazy and release a Massdrop Buchla synth!
Mar 25, 2018
Some guy from 1986 with a mullet just called and wants his guitar back...the chartreuse one...
Mar 25, 2018
Interesting how these comments seem so against having instruments on MD (for good reason). From posts elsewhere, seemed like people were hoping for an instrument community
Mar 27, 2018
Bknguyeni want guitars here, i just don't want cheap shit tier guitars.
Mar 27, 2018
Meh, if they went with mainstream guitars you'd more or less know what to expect, they should be offering American strats and gibson epi's instead of whatever this is.
Mar 24, 2018
i thought massdrop was based on what people wanted via polls? I haven’t seen this at all in the audiophile polls
Mar 24, 2018
Why would any one buy this guitar? Like you can almost buy a used fender Mexican strat for this price. I would love to try It out and see if I like it. But with no return policy there is no way anyone will buy this.
Mar 24, 2018
I collect, play and build guitars, there just isnt anything about this one special enough to show up on MASSDROP.
That may be a GREAT price, and Deans are decent axes, but when you look at whats out there from 100 OTHER 2nd tier providers, theres nothing here that screams GOTTAHAVEIT!
Please if Im wrong someone let us know what it is that male this one so special
Mar 24, 2018
mindwaveYeah I think for a beginner who wants to try out a floyd setup then sure this is great entry level stuff. However, it's nothing special at all. It would also be a good beater guitar for the price.
Mar 24, 2018
I can't see anybody going for this. There's no such thing as "All sales are final" when it comes to buying new guitars online. All the online dealers that I know understand that it's a very personal thing as to whether or not a guitar feels right. They all offer no questions asked, money back guarantee.
This drop won't get very far.
Mar 24, 2018
Guitars seem like a very strange thing for Massdrop to try.
Mar 24, 2018
whomad1215I agree, especially this kind of cheap super-strat.
I would welcome some guitar accessories though - pedals, straps, boutique picks, maybe an amp here and there. But not a guitar, especially not this.
Mar 24, 2018
iakovmarkovI'd kill for a Joyo amp drop at some point. If massdrop could get a lower price on an already killer product I'd definitely leap on it.
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