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Debauche Bacchus Monroe IEM

Debauche Bacchus Monroe IEM

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Product Description
The DB Monroe IEM takes its style cues from tape decks of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Its sound, however, is unmistakably 21st-century Read More

Sep 13, 2020
My impression with these were decent. Warm sound with adequate midbass, average detail retrieval . The amount of bass really depending on the seal for this one. Overall smooth melody without edges. My major knock was with the outter grossy paint. The earphones were slightly heavy due to the metal design. If you drop them on the hard ground, the paints are likely to come off. I actually got multiple chips on them just because the earphones hitting each other in a hard case.
Sep 12, 2020
2 reviews that say the exact opposite thing about the bass... Just another day buying audio products.
Well, they certainly wouldn’t look out of place fitted into crash test dummies.
Nov 1, 2019
my yellow DB Monroes finally arrived! a few scattered thoughts: PRESENTATION let's be honest, this is why you (okay, i) got these. the presentation of the full package is stellar here. very nice box, some neat stickers, a metal and glass (looks awesome, not terribly practical) carry case, metal plaque, the works. the cable is well-built, includes a chin cinch bead, and looks nice paired with the earbuds. and of course the iems themselves are gorgeous (although mine arrived with chipped paint on a corner :_( ). presentation is just tops. A+ FIT despite being metal (and heavy), they're surprisingly comfortable. the cable loop around the ear fits me perfectly. the included silicone tips, however, are incredibly flimsy/squishy, and i found getting a good seal difficult; without a good seal, they do try to slip out of the ear just a tad. switching the tips to some leftovers i had around the house seemed to fix the issue. (of note: they ship with one pair of foam tips which might be great, but in general i don't use foam tips, so i can't comment on that.) overall, fit gets a B. SOUND (note: i am a music enthusiast, not an audiophile. please refer to reviews on head-fi and other sites before taking my word for anything. ;) ) as mentioned, better tips than those included were required for me. my best results were obtained with some triple-flanged tips from the MeeAudio M6 Pro, but i also tried some regular sturdy olive silicone ones. (in general, my favorites are the "hollow point" star pattern olive silicone tips included with KZ's IEMs, for what it's worth.) to me, the sound signature was warm and bassy, but reasonably controlled. they lack the airiness and "sparkle" of some of my other iems (KZ ZS10Pro, e.g.), but i didn't hear any sibilance, either. overall a very pleasant, inoffensive, easy-listening iem. bassheads will probably enjoy them (EDM has sounded great so far in my limited play time). these will probably not unseat any of my daily drivers, but i have no complaints about the sound. solid B. overall, i think i got exactly what i paid for: a competent sounding, incredibly attractive set of iems. :)
Oct 2, 2019
Zero reviews sweet
Sep 25, 2019
just got an email saying they "may" ship later than the original estimated ship date (which is today). ugh. :/
Oct 23, 2019
motodupdate: a month overdue, but i finally got a shipping notification from drop, 10/23/19. hopefully they're worth the wait!
Aug 26, 2019
Meh, let's be real. This is the same case design as the KZ IEMs with some retro styling and cursive writing. I can foresee an issue actually owning it is the size and weight of that casing.
Aug 22, 2019
Just an FYI, these go for 159 USD on Aliexpress. The price here is a steal!
Aug 23, 2019
FiR3KThey're $99 on Penon Audio. Not as big of a steal, but still a nice discount.
Aug 22, 2019
Here are reviews from Head-Fi and to my surprise, they are actually much better than what I expected after reading both of them. The sound seems to be more relaxing and mellow compared to a lot of exciting IEMs on the market and it also brings in a unique sound to go with the unique presentation. Needless to say, I have these on my radar. Never knew they existed until now but am certainly thinking about it. (According to one review and the other seems to echo it): Ratings
  • Construction and Design: 95
  • Adjustment/Ergonomics: 88
  • Accessories: 85
  • Bass: 90
  • Mids: 82
  • Treble: 76
  • Separation: 78
  • Soundstage: 83
  • Quality/Price: 90

Aug 22, 2019
KotomineI've asked one of the reviewers to compare the Monroes to either a TFZ or MoonDrop model. Waiting for a reply.
Aug 23, 2019
LGCiI wanna compare them to the nuforce edc-6
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