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Drop + Sennheiser HD 8XX Headphones

Drop + Sennheiser HD 8XX Headphones

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Product Description
The HD 8XX is based on the HD 800S; a flagship audiophile headphone produced by our partners at Sennheiser. Like the HD 800S, the HD 8XX is made in Germany at Sennheiser’s HQ factory Read More

Sep 22, 2021
Hey Everyone, We're excited to say that we shipped over 500 pairs of HD8XX, so let the obsessive tracking-refreshing begin! For those who don't have a tracking number yet, hang in there for just another day or so, our warehouse staff are working as safely and quickly as they can. Making the HD8XX project a reality is the result of over five years of negotiation, countless tweaks and adjustments, and finally we're at the finish line. We're so excited to get these headphones into your hands and hear your impressions. We've been doing this long enough to know that nearly every audiophile product launch has its fair share of discussion and debate. From the infamous "HD58x is really just the HD650S with foam removed" videos, to the accusations that the "THX 789 AAA measurements claimed are physically impossible". What we've learned from these experiences is that the community has many shared and contrary beliefs about a product and the best way to settle them is to simply ship the product and let people's ears decide. For over 9 years we've worked tirelessly to make great audiophile products. Our track-record has shown that these efforts have caused dramatic changes in the audiophile industry. From the HD6XX making audiophile quality headphones accessible to the masses, to our THX amps changing the standard of low-noise amplification, and the countless-other category defining products we've released, our team and process has been able to consistently provide exceptional value and choice to the community. We're confident that the Drop + Sennheiser HD 8XX headphones will continue this tradition. Thanks for your support and helping make this product a reality.
Apr 6, 2022
KevinAny chance of more of the Zeos codes? I am still salty that you all just shut it down before the last day.
Apr 14, 2022
KevinAsking for the second time. Any more codes coming or are you just going to leave a bad impression of Drop forever for all those folks who didn't get to use the code even though they were supposed to. The excuse of sorry high demand does not really fly when you were excited about a purchase but had to get the funds in order BEFORE THE CUTOFF DATE.
Apr 16, 2023
For folks requesting this product and have interest in the HD8XX. Don't spend your money for a product that won't be serviced by either Drop or Sennheiser long term. I rarely change the cables in my HD8XX, and when I went to pull out the cable, the entire silver female housing where the cable goes into the headset snapped off the unit. I can see two tiny wires that were meant to connect the female side of the connection to the headset. Drop directed me to Sennheiser's support site which clearly states that the 8XX is not supported or serviced by their service centers. I have no complaints about the product specifically, it's been a great daily driver for all things audio for me over the last year+. Buyer beware of support for a product at this price point, and might as well buy direct from the manufacturer when you can to ensure that you get the support you need.
Nov 10, 2022
Make em 700 again and I like many others will bite. I wouldn't pay more for these as enticing as they seem.
Nov 7, 2022
The whole point of a drop is to make a product that's usually really expensive -affordable. At the current price, I don't think it's moving. I missed out on Zeos promo code, but maybe that's because his GoPro-style videos are super annoying and I don't watch them. Anyway, at $700 these seem feasible.
Nov 2, 2022
Last chance to make the $699 Mr Drop
Nov 1, 2022
if they can’t sell them then lower the price to $699
Oct 28, 2022
if the sold it at $699 they would sell a lot faster
Oct 18, 2022
Hahahahahaha, these things are wholly unsuitable for music. Basically, they are crap. Don't be fooled like I was. Get the 800S or modify these into the 800S, it's not that hard.
BiffsBizwhat setup do you have? seems like people are all over the place with this so curious what you are running
Nov 5, 2022
BiffsBizIf you connect that 800s to a Head 2 amp from trafomatic…you will hear perfection. Amazing pairing.
These at 899 or the focals at 599 know it may be comparing apples and oranges but are these worth it in the long run? Willing to do the sticker mod and do eq.
Oct 9, 2022
Any codes for the 699$?
ScielientaI doubt it will go under 900 unless they decide to do some crazy black Friday deal.
Nov 7, 2022
liam__bIt already did, because they collabed with Z reviews for a promo code ($700) nearly a year ago. Once that happened, no one is going to pay more.
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