Echobox Audio Finder X1 IEMs

Great Sounding & Virtually Indestructible

Think about everything that’s ever bugged you about earphones: They tangle, they break, they fall out, they don’t sound good. Now throw all of that out the window. There’s a better earphone out there, one specifically engineered to address those common pain points: the Echobox Audio Finder X1. It uses German-made PEEK diaphragms to deliver bright, entertaining sound with plenty of power and detail. Plus, the AFT (or “acoustic filter tuning”) system allows you to adjust the sound signature to your preferences using three pairs of filters. Made of titanium, which has double the strength-to-weight ratio of steel, the housings are small, light, and virtually indestructible. Naturally hypoallergenic and sweat resistant, they’re fitted with tangle-free cables—great for tossing into your bag without worrying about pesky untangling down the line. To learn more, check out this review.

Echobox Audio Finder X1 IEMs
Echobox Audio Finder X1 IEMs
Echobox Audio Finder X1 IEMs
Echobox Audio Finder X1 IEMs
Echobox Audio Finder X1 IEMs


  • Echobox
  • Housing: Machined titanium
  • Driver: 9.2mm PEEK (Poly Ether Ether Ketone)
  • Wear style: Over-ear or drop
  • Cable: SPC (silver-plated copper)
  • Plug: 3.5mm stereo, gold-plated
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 22 ohms
  • THD: <1%
  • Frequency response: 5 Hz–60 kHz


  • Clamshell carrying case
  • 3 pairs of single-flange silicone ear tips (S, M, L)
  • 1 pair of dual-flange silicone ear tips (M)
  • 1 pair of triple-flange silicone ear tips (M)
  • 3 sets of tuning filters
  • Organizer
  • Instruction manual


Estimated ship date is Jan 6, 2020 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. After this product run ends, orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final.

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