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Etymotic MK5 IEMs

Etymotic MK5 IEMs

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Product Description
The newest addition to Etymotic’s Isolator earphone series, the MK5 combines the company’s renowned sound quality with excellent noise isolation. These IEMs are well suited for traveling, commuting, or working out at the gym, blocking out surrounding noise so you can enjoy your music Read More

Dec 1, 2020
I can't ever help but be a bit bothered that most of the Drops from Ety cut off at 15-18kHz on the freq response. Does this ever sway a decision for anyone else? I would think even a 44.1kHz PCM could push these beyond that and affect the sound.
Dec 4, 2020
Would it possibly distort the sound if 20kHz was pushed into a headphone not rated to go that high though? I know Ety products are supposed to be very detailed and I wouldn't want that to get messed up by pushing the limits of less-capable drivers. In testing I can usually hear up to 19.5-20kHz fairly reliably.
Dec 5, 2020
jakob.sIt really depends on the distortion response of the driver, which is usually separate to the frequency response. In the vast majority of cases this isn't an issue. Very loud low frequencies on the other hand tend to have a much easier time distorting other frequencies as they require the driver to move much further in order to achieve the same volume. Another thing to consider is that distortion presents itself as an increase in amplitude or creation of higher frequencies or harmonics of the original sound/fundamental. This means that if you have a loud sound at 18khz, the resulting distortion will most likely be above 20khz. In fact harmonic distortion occurs in a fairly repeatable graph. (This is ignoring other small things that occur near the fundamental as they are usually so much lower in volume that they are the last things to be heard.) Harmonic distortion tends to follow a pattern of double the fundamental frequency, with each next harmonic being half of the previous gap. (10hz fundamental, 20hz first harmonic, 25hz second harmonic etc etc. Note: this is simplified and actual harmonics aren't perfect integers like 1x 2x 2.5x 2.75x.) Point is that if you have a sound at 18khz, the next part of the harmonic distortion is going to occur at 36khz which is well above audible range.
Jun 2, 2020
How is it different from an ety-kids? From the look of it, I would say that the only discerning factor is the ability to be driven more easily. If you are fine with low volume, I don't see why you wouldn't buy ety-kids over this.
May 29, 2020
I’m sure these sound better than average for the price, but detachable cables have become so ubiquitous that even $15 Chi Fi IEMs have them. Since the cable is always what seems to break, I don’t even look at designs without a 2-pin or MMCX cable. Just not worth throwing the money away. I have multiple cables in both termination options with and without inline mic remotes. If you’re selling an earphone that locks me into one cable that disables the earphones when it breaks, I’m just not a customer for that. The market has moved on.
Dec 2, 2020
PACougTo be completely honest. I've never ever broken a single cable in my usage of all headphones and earphones so it actually doesn't bother me as much and I can easily re-solder a new cable. However, with connectors those are much harder to replace and need to be drilled out in some cases if they break or get loose which is not something that I fancy considering if you have a loose connector there is a chance to completely lose the IEM's off them. There are arguments for both sides but generally it is mostly agreed that connectors are good thing and help the majority of people. I sit somewhere in the middle on this.
Dec 2, 2020
QwervyIf your connector goes bad you do have a more difficult situation, no doubt. But for me the option to swap to a balanced cable is more than worth that minimal risk. That said, I do indeed have a nice iem that has a loose connector. So I totally am with you on this.
May 29, 2020
Two big differences between the MK5 and the higher end Etymotic models:
  • The MK5 use dynamic drivers, and therefore are bigger than the rest of the models and also respond better to EQ settings (if you use Poweramp, the bass tone dial can work wonders).
  • The MK5 do not require filters like the other Etymotic models. So not only are they cheaper, they are also in my opinion better suited for rougher treatment.
For $50, these are amazing. Try out the big 3-flange tips included in the package, and if you like them and find them comfortable-ish, I recommend buying the gray 3-flange tips from Etymotic (they are not listed as compatible with the MK5 but they are). They are not cheap but the improvement in comfort and sound quality is worth the price!
Aug 12, 2018
I shouldn’t ask for a comparison with ER4SR or ER3SR. Instead, can someone tell me how it goes against similarly priced other IEM like T2 and Senfer XBA 6in1? They have $10 difference but I don’t care. One thing I can guess that MK5 perhaps produces less bass, but how is about treble and mid?
Jun 20, 2018
Anyone with an idea if the earphones have been shipped? Paid 3 weeks ago and haven't heard anything back
May 31, 2018
in my subjective opinion
ER4B > ER4S > ER4SR > ER4P > ER4XR and.. > MK5
But at $50, the MK5 represents excellent value and I would definitely pick the MK5 over similarly-priced earphones: I just love that Etymotic sound and I can't go back after getting accustomed to it.
May 30, 2018
I have both HF2's, and ER4's. I'm a bit of an Ety fan. I have custom silicon tips made for both of them. The tips go over the shoulder of the narrow barrels of both pairs. Can anyone speak to this? This looks like the barrel is fatter? The custom silicone tips are super comfy, and isolating. I only ride my leaf blower here in Asia, not a Harley, but I hear nothing in traffic, almost dangerously so.
May 28, 2018
For me MK5 & ER4SR were very different. They are balanced both, similarity is just that.Resolution, imaging, tonality, timbre are so much better with ER4.
ER4SR is my favourite in-ear and I use daily, it also sounds fun &realistic to me. MK5 wasn't bad and I used it for a while before selling, I would take GR07 or ATH im50 over it any day though.
May 28, 2018
How are this compared to the HF5?
May 30, 2018
CWHSGThey're worse, exactly as their lower price indicates. The MK series is, in my very subjective opinion, the level where it becomes a mainstream IEM, affordable, good noise blocking, but not great sound for the discerning music listener. Details in the music are low.
The HF series are the poor man's ER4.
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