Fiio X3 Audiophile Music Player
Fiio X3 Audiophile Music Player
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For the Traveling Audiophile

Like most people, you probably travel. Sadly, most audiophile gear doesn't travel well. That's why FiiO made the X3. This is a 24Bit/192Khz WOLFSON DAC (WM8740, same one the AK100 uses), stuck to an AD8397 amp and wrapped in black aluminum. Translation? Baller stuck to gangster and wrapped in win. Once you add it's line and coaxial digital output you've got a full featured, portable, audiophile listening suite.

How's it Sound?

FiiO is famed for their warm bassy sound and the X3 is no exception. The Wolfson DAC does a great job decoding your high resolution files and the AD8397 chip amplifies them without distortion. With two gain settings, adjustable bass, and adjustable treble, the X3 comes with a low end emphasis that you can alter to create your favorite sound signature. We tested the low gain option with Yuin PK1's and Denon D7000s, no hiss, nothing but clear, warm sound. When it comes to the high gain setting, we tested it against our HiFiMAN HE-500s and DT880 (250ohm) and found the X3 can adequately drive both.


FiiO made the X3 to be unique and they succeeded. Aside from its incredible specs, FiiO's built an impressively stable firmware with the ability to play all five major lossless formats. Drag and drop to add music. Delete to take it off, simple right? Great, now there's just the interface to judge. We'll admit, there's a bit of a learning curve to the diagonal buttons but it's smooth sailing from there. The FiiO X3 has a simple, unique, and intuitive level of usability not commonly found in audiophile players.


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